#ncga: Heck, let’s allow EVERYBODY to vote!

For all their caterwauling and boo-hooing over the integrity of our elections process, legislative Democrats sure seem hell-bent on introducing even more potential opportunities for mischief into the mix.

House Bill 1115, entitled “Let North Carolina Vote Act”, got introduced this week by a gaggle of House Democrats — led by Orange County’s Graig “I am sooooooo ashamed of my whiteness” Meyer.  The bill establishes “automatic” voter registration for anyone and everyone who: renews or obtains a North Carolina driver license, or registers for classes at a North Carolina community college or state university.  (Lots of folks who aren’t North Carolina residents take classes at North Carolina community colleges, colleges, and universities. Even folks who aren’t legally old enough to vote often take college courses.) 

Here’s one interesting part they are trying to strike (remove) from The General Statutes:

[…] The person taking the application shall ask if the applicant is a citizen of the United States. If the applicant states that the applicant is not a citizen of the United States, or declines to answer the question, the person taking the application shall inform the applicant that it is a felony for a person who is not a citizen of the United States to apply to register to vote.

The application shall state in clear language the penalty for violation of this section. The necessary forms shall be prescribed by the State Board. The form must ask for the previous voter registration address of the voter, if any. If a previous address is listed, and it is not in the county of residence of the applicant, the appropriate county board of elections shall treat the application as an authorization to cancel the previous registration and also process it as such under the procedures of G.S. 163A-870. If a previous address is listed and that address is in the county where the voter applies to register, the application shall be processed as if it had been submitted under G.S. 163A-870.[…] 

So, asking if you are a citizen of the United States is problematic for  the folks who are soooooo concerned that Dan McCready was robbed of a US House seat?

Here’s another, um, “interesting” part of the bill:

[…] Ineligible applications prohibited. – No person shall make application to register to vote under this subdivision if that person is ineligible on account of age, citizenship, lack of residence for the period of time provided by law, or because of conviction of a felony. However, if a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this subdivision, the presumption shall be that the person’s registration is deemed officially authorized and shall not be attributed to any fault of the person.

No requirement to determine eligibility. – Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring State colleges or universities in The University of North Carolina System to determine eligibility for voter registration and voting.” […] 

In other words, they tell you not to register if you’re not eligible.  But if you improperly register due to a felony conviction, not being old enough, or not being a resident of North Carolina or citizen of the United States, it’s not your problem or the state’s problem.  In fact, your improper registration gets counted as okey-dokey and authorized. 

Seriously, folks.  If you don’t keep your eye on these people, they will rob you blind.