Duke Law School jumps into Haywood Five / NCGOP fray

For a few years now — at least — a small band of conservative activists in Haywood County (out west) have been  slugging it out with establishment elements in the local party.  The ruckus spilled over into legal action being initiated against the conservative activists by the local GOP chairman.

That led to the involvement of state party HQ.  Letters of trespass were sent out. Secretive huddles were held to determine whether any of The Haywood Five could remain as “legitimate” Republicans.

Well, it now appears that Duke Law School’s First Amendment Clinic has decided to intervene in the case brought by Haywood GOP chairman Debbie King against activist Eddie Cabe — one of The Haywood Five.  

Cabe has also had some social media tussles with NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes, party attorney Tom Stark, vice-chairman Michele Nix, and executive director Dallas Woodhouse.  It will be interesting to see if the involvement of Duke Law leads to a focus down the road on  the NCGOP’s top dogs.   

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      1. Her Hatred of the Grassroots Christian Conservative Republicans here in Haywood is well known. I have tried to get that hard proof. While I was defending Myself Pro-Se I Issued Subpoena Duces Tecum to Robin Hayes, Michele Nix, Dallas Winehouse, Thomas Stark , and Aubery Woodard asking for any correspondence between them concerning Me, the Haywood Republican Alliance , and their involvement in this Lawsuit They have lawyered up and are Refusing to cooperate , this will change if this case goes forward. Many things they tried to Hide from the Republicans of NC will be coming to light. click on this link and starting at about page 31 you can see the Subpoena Duces Tecum

        1. That is not what Mrs. Nix needs to be dealing with in the middle of a Congressional campaign. She may have shot herself in the foot on this one.

  1. NCGOP operates without regard for due process and essential fairness.

    Many are aware that an absurd charge of “party disloyalty” was filed against me by the Haywood County GOP. This resolution was voted on by the HCGOP Executive Committee without presentation of supporting evidence.

    A supporting resolution by 11th District GOP was voted on and approved by mail, again with no presentation of supporting evidence.

    Thanks to the presence of people with integrity on the NCGOP Executive Committee, I was acquitted. I won’t further embarrass NCGOP by describing the evidence against me.

    Less widely known is the fact that I was banned from any and all NCGOP properties and events for seven months by edict over the signature of Tom Stark.

    While that ban has been lifted, I am still unable to obtain from NCGOP the evidence upon which
    that ban was based, and the source thereof.

    And some wonder why some folks won’t get involved.

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