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#ncpol: Haywood County. (Here we go again.)

It appears NCGOP attorney Tom Stark is taking a break from his Herculean — some might say quixotic — campaign to unseat Durham’s senator Floyd McKissick  to resume beating up on elderly Haywood County Tea Party activist Monroe Miller.  Miller sends out a lot of…

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Haywood County. (Holy Cow!)

I am not 100 percent sure about the merits of the people — or of their arguments — that make up the current mess that IS the Haywood County GOP.   But I am sure that I don’t like the idea of three or four…

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Pro-2A forces rallying to fight proposed Haywood County gun ban

The state’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group is preparing to knock heads tonight with Haywood County government leaders. There is a special meeting tonight at the county courthouse to discuss a proposed new ordinance banning open or concealed carry weapons in county-owned or controlled areas….

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Monkey Business Update: Fear and Loathing in Haywood County

Haywood County is a quiet, sleepy locale in the western North Carolina mountains.  It’s a rarity for that region — a Democrat stronghold.  Lately, its politics have become quite a raucous affair. Local Tea Party activists took over the county Republican Party organization.  A Republican…

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Monkey Business Alert: Haywood County Emergency Management

In 2005, leftist writer Thomas Frank penned a tome called “What’s The Matter with Kansas?”.  In 2014, there are probably a lot of people asking “What the hell is the matter with Haywood County?” A group of Haywood County grassroots activists is going hard after…

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A coup in Haywood County?

This episode reads like a political thriller.  A secret splinter group meets in a secluded location  — plotting to remove 27 other leaders of their organization.  Those targeted for removal FIND OUT about those plans and turn the tables on the original plotters.  An episode…

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Robeson County pols crack down on anti-corruption crusader

It appears that Gerome Chavis is getting on the last nerve of the political bosses in this economically-depressed, corruption-infested, political-machine-driven Democrat stronghold: Robeson County’s government has taken out a temporary restraining order on Gerome Chavis, the face of the local We the People movement, which…

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Duke Law School jumps into Haywood Five / NCGOP fray

For a few years now — at least — a small band of conservative activists in Haywood County (out west) have been  slugging it out with establishment elements in the local party.  The ruckus spilled over into legal action being initiated against the conservative activists…

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#ncgop: A split decision on the ‘Haywood Five’

NCGOPe types were smelling blood this morning as they convened a “disloyalty” tribunal in Raleigh against five conservative activists from Haywood County:  Eddie Cabe, Paul Yeager, Richard West, Jeremy Davis, and Monroe Miller.  I spoke with a number of sources in the room for the…

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#ncgop: Top GOPer blasts NCGOPe move against ‘Haywood 5’

State Republican leaders are meeting Saturday to consider punishment for five conservative activists from Haywood County.   NCGOP Executive Committee member Jim Womack has spoken out via email– suggesting that party leaders are going too far on this one:  Fellow Republicans; I hope to see many…