Pro-2A forces rallying to fight proposed Haywood County gun ban

The state’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group is preparing to knock heads tonight with Haywood County government leaders. There is a special meeting tonight at the county courthouse to discuss a proposed new ordinance banning open or concealed carry weapons in county-owned or controlled areas. ¬†Here’s a statement from Gun Rights North Carolina:¬†gun control

[…] Please join GRNC President F. Paul Valone at this meeting, where the Haywood County Commissioners will be discussing an ordinance to BAN ALL OPEN AND CONCEALED CARRY in and on any county owned or controlled property. This ordinance would reverse regulations dating back to 1995, which recognize the citizens’ civil rights in this area. (Click here to read a copy of the proposed new ordinance).

Some commissioners have claimed that the increase in gun ownership has created an unsafe atmosphere. Yet, statistics show that more crime happens in so-called “gun-free” zones. Gun owners must inform the commissioners that we know the facts, and we won’t be fooled by false arguments, and emotional appeals.

[…F]ind out how you can contact the county commissioners and let them know that what they’re considering is wrong, and not at all acceptable. Also, get details on the meeting so you can attend and help to put a stop to this effort to disarm good people like you, “put you in your place,” and make you easy prey for the bad guys.[…]