Carolina Plotthound, neutered?

snip-snipSadly, that may be the case.  The groundbreaking conservative web site founded by Paul Chesser and Chad Adams appears to be mellowing out BIG TIME.  That has folks scratching their heads in bewilderment. 

I’ve noticed that a number of big stories of interest to conservatives — some from our pages, others from other sources — have not been getting attention from the CPH.  Some of our posts — with up to 50 comments in some cases — have not earned even a mention on the CPH site.  

Team Haymaker reached out to CPH co-founder Chad Adams who said he has not been involved in the site’s day-to-day activities for some time.  We also reached out to Paul Chesser via email. He responded via email about the site’s sudden distance from The Haymaker:

[…] I apologize for the delay in response. Unfortunately I do not have a good, explanatory answer for you other than the decision was not mine, but one I accepted.  I assure you, you have not offended me. I do appreciate the opportunities where we’ve been able to boost each other’s efforts in the past. […] 
Sources tell me that sources close to the McCrory for Governor campaign are putting pressure on Civitas — a big Plotthound booster and benefactor — to tone down the site.  Unfortunately, toning it down pretty much means excluding our content.  
And we can live with that.  CPH was helpful when we were getting started.  But we are doing quite well on our own these days.  It is disturbing that GOPe types in Raleigh are images (1)adopting the Nixonian, fascistic clamp-down-on-the-media modus operandi.
Pulling down the shades to block the sunlight while you put state government up for sale to the highest bidder is not a good thing.  Republicans hollered about this stuff when Democrats owned the city.  It looks like being in the seat of power amidst all that cash and all those favors can make a man (or woman) forget those once dearly-held, noble principles.
I am told to expect to see the Plotthound eventually morph into something similar to Blount and Jones and The North State Journal — yet another vehicle espousing ruling class propaganda.