#ncpol: Haywood County. (Here we go again.)

It appears NCGOP attorney Tom Stark is taking a break from his Herculean — some might say quixotic — campaign to unseat Durham’s senator Floyd McKissick  to resume beating up on elderly Haywood County Tea Party activist Monroe Miller. 

Miller sends out a lot of emails.  He also questions a lot of stuff.  And apparently, according to the linked letter from Stark, Miller has gotten on Dallas Woodhouse’s last nerve.

This is arguably about as pitiful as senator Jeff Tarte calling security on Nicole Revels. 

If that’s not enough, the Haywood County GOP and the NCGOP’s jihad on Miller and his four amigos has made statewide and national news:

The vice chairwoman of the Republican Party in Haywood County has filed a lawsuit against a group of conservative activists, claiming they’re behind a series of comical internet memes that she says have damaged her reputation.

Debbie King seeks in excess of $75,000 in damages from the Haywood Republican Alliance for “emotional psychological distress, embarrassment, humiliation, physical disability, loss of appetite and stress.” King is also asking that the defendants cease distribution of the eCards and buttons, which were created on the JibJab website by placing her mugshot into existing music videos.

The suit cites two farcical music videos released last spring that depict King and Haywood GOP Chair Ken Henson engaged in flirtatious poses. One videos features the two set to Sonny and Cher’s hit “I Got You Babe” while another involves the 1997 hit song “Barbie Girl.”[…]

I swear, I don’t think The Onion could make up something more offbeat than this Haywood County / NCGOP soap opera.

Meanwhile, there are elections coming up in May and November.  



8 thoughts on “#ncpol: Haywood County. (Here we go again.)

  1. The bumbling Haywood County Republican Party even sends emails to people currently banned from HCGOP events, inviting them to attend HCGOP events!

    Could they be any more inept?

  2. Maybv Stark should be working on banning Thom Tillis from the party due to Tillis’ blatant party disloyalty in the Alabama Senate race. Tillis did far more damage to the party with what he did in Alabama than anything that could possibly happen in Haywood County.

    It is utter hypocrisy that the Woodhouse clique went to war with Haywood County conservatives over essentially nothing but ignores a major transgression by Tillis.

    Stark seems to be Woodhouse’s enforcer, but that is not the proper role of a party General Counsel. Some suspect that Woodhouse is grooming him to be the Woodhouse candidate for NCGOPe state chairman next time.

  3. Who is paying Stark to do this? Is it local people in Haywood (unlikely)? Is Stark doing it for free? Or is he billing the NCGOP. comething he has too often done)?

    1. Stark is the official general counsel for the NC GOP, and the NC GOP considers this their business. I have no idea if that means he gets paid. Interestingly, I can’t find a list of the party officers on the NC GOP website, unless I’m just not looking in the right place. wouldn’t you think that would be important enough to deserve a listing?

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