#ncpol: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”

I’m going to delay commentary momentarily.  I want you, dear readers, to see if you can find what’s wrong HERE:

In one press release, the NCGOP Communications team has managed to offer TWO DIFFERENT spellings of their target’s last name and a butchering of his first name.  (For the record, it’s DAMON CIRCOSTA.)

Next, check out the quote from Michele Nix in the second paragraph.  They gave us THIS:


When they meant — (I THINK) — THIS:

I don’t mean to be such a spelling and grammar nerd.  But, in formal business communications, it tears the hell out of your credibility to (1)botch someone’s name and (2) confuse a biology term with a well-known, commonly-used noun and verb.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the new Elections and Ethics board —  I found it interesting that the GOPe was falling all over itself to install one Burley Mitchell on the board.  Yes, we’re talking about the former Supreme Court justice and Jim Hunt consigliere. 

Mitchell, I’m told, recently switched his party registration from Democrat to unaffiliated.  (According to state elections records — with the exception of the March 2016 primary — Mitchell has voted in nothing but Democrat primaries.)

We’ve got Jay DeLancy, with the Voter Integrity Project, out there doing yeoman’s work.  Yet, the GOPe decides to rally, unsuccessfully, behind a Jim Hunt crony.

And another thing — WHY are the Dems having a say in who the GOP installs on this board? HOW is this an improvement over the old system the majority on Jones Street fought, and sued, so hard to replace?

8 thoughts on “#ncpol: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”

  1. They’re clueless. No direction or purpose. Been saying for years their writing is atrocious. Those subject lines are a mile long too, I don’t bother with reading most. Too many words and too sloppy in that email. Breaking news for what?

    Details matter…small things matter.

  2. This is a very fair post. We have to be better.

    I think the wrong version was sent, because Vice Chair Nix always has our staff double check everything. I am checking. Vice Chair Nix is a strong leader and there is no excuse for sending something out connected to her with typos. Ultimately I am responsible for that, and am sorry.

    I share the authors frustration.

    The central problem is the courts have handed Mr. Cooper the entire elections system.

    The Elections Board (or some version of) has existed since 1898. It has always been a partially independent agency.

    The Democrat State Supreme Court just changed 120 years of history and declared it an executive agency.

    This is why this is important. The democrats made it clear, they would get the nominee they wanted, our they would adjourn the meeting and in moments be in court to have the entire law thrown out on an as applied basis, claiming it is not workable. As crazy as that sound, I put nothing past these liberal courts,

    Then Cooper would set up his own elections office, totally under his control in his office. While that violate all kinds of laws and constitutional provisions. However I don’t believe the courts care.

    If nothing else saving the evenly split local boards of elections is worth something.

    It is a bad situation. I fear the only corrections is asking the voters to fix this directly via amendment

    1. While I appreciate your desire to fix this one grammatical error, there are at least 4 more errors in your original post that need correcting if you want all errors removed. Duncan Macleod above is correct when he says that details matter.

  3. I’m curious why the NCGOP Executive Director thinks it appropriate (much less practical) to be calling directly to some of the hundreds of county GOP-nominated members to the new county Boards of Election. Several of the Lee County nominees were called directly by Mr. Woodhouse, and they were suspicious of his intentions; especially so when they determined he had not alerted either the 6th District or Lee County Chairmen he would be calling these individuals. They were confused at being called by the NCGOP ED, thinking their credentials may somehow have been challenged . My question- how in the world does he have the time to be calling around to these folks AND do his assigned job? SMH.

    1. Was it a real live call or a Dallas robo call…. Robo calls from the ncgop should make everyone a little well a lot scared about the future of what a robot society will look like for humanity

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