#ncgop: Top GOPer blasts NCGOPe move against ‘Haywood 5’

State Republican leaders are meeting Saturday to consider punishment for five conservative activists from Haywood County.   NCGOP Executive Committee member Jim Womack has spoken out via email– suggesting that party leaders are going too far on this one: 

Fellow Republicans;

I hope to see many of you at tomorrow’s NCGOP ExCom meeting.  I always enjoy the fellowship with fellow Republicans, especially when we can get together to make the NCGOP more effective as a political organization.
One item on the agenda for tomorrow troubles me greatly as a grass roots party activist and  as a liberty-loving patriot.  It pertains to the charges being leveled against five party activists from Haywood County who are alleged to have said or posted statements that other republicans may find offensive, disrespectful, or out of line for a party official.  I believe the intent of this hearing is to compel the ExCom to administer discipline against these republican activists.
While I may not agree with and would not have personally posted some of the things these men were accused of,- I am a firm believer in our First Amendment right to Free Speech.  And my read of our state GOP Plan of Organization certainly reflects respect and allowance for political free speech.  It helps define us as a party.  I find it chilling to think any body of the North Carolina Republican Party would seek to punish a fellow Republican for exercising those rights.  The potential damage to the grass roots of our party would be immeasurable. (And we are not in a position to see further erosion of our already diminishing base of activists.)
Considering we are only allowed to meet twice a year as an ExCom, I hope you will agree with me that our time would be much better spent picking through the party’s budget and finances or discussing how we can better perform digital information management across the state and local levels.  
Please join me tomorrow in seeking to “table” or to “dismiss” the counter-productive agenda item to discipline fellow party members for incidental matters.  Let’s leave those matters to the county and district to manage.
Warm Regards/
Jim Womack
Chairman, Lee County GOP
Of course, Dallas DID not approve:

Copied on this note is counsel John Lewis 

This note was sent to me by fellow Executive Committee members. 

Just for your information I thought I would pass along a couple points.

The staff, Chairman, vice-Chair etc have no role in this matter either way.

In accordance with the plan of organization, a resolution by the county executive committee OR a petition from the Congressional District committee 
would put this in front of the Executive committee.  We received both.

The General Counsel has to lay out the case, because that is also set by the POO. 

The specific charges only deal with the charges and evidence the accused willfully and knowingly supported  a democrat over a republican in a General Election. 

The committee is free to make whatever judgement it chooses. 

While I have no dog in the fight, I would caution against a motion to table.   It is my understanding, (John, please correct me if I am wrong) 
that a motion to table this, would just keep it on the Executive Committee agenda in perpetuity. A motion to table it, would keep it alive for the considerable future. 

Whatever the committee decides, I hope they will decide SOMETHING, so this issue is resolved, one way or another.


Dallas Woodhouse  

And, of course, the rebuttal from Womack:
Three points, Dallas:

1.  We have much to do at this semi-annual meeting on a holiday very sacred to us Veterans.  Getting bogged down with a seemingly trivial “matter” is an insult to me and the other veterans who are there and missing very important Veterans Day events we would rather be attending.  I am generally intolerant of my time being wasted on things best handled at the local and district party levels.
2.  Many of us on the ExCom would genuinely like to dive into other things of much greater interest for which there is very little time to address.  For example, I’d like to get a detailed review of our budget and financial balance sheet for the first 9 months of the year.  The FEC reports that have been filed seem to have a number of omissions in them; either that or a good number of our CC members are taking freebies from the party that the rest of us aren’t aware of.  I’d also like to get into the details of the party’s fundraising to date and our expenses- which do not seem fully disclosed in the FEC filings.  I’d also like to have more time to inquire about and discuss the many resolutions that are being passed at lower levels.  Shortcutting either of these two areas for sake of a disciplinary hearing seems inappropriate.
3.  I’d like to dismiss this proposed disciplinary matter altogether, without waste of time.  But, barring that, tabling this matter would probably post-pone the matter indefinitely, if not killing it altogether.  Either would accomplish the purpose of getting it off the ExCom agenda for tomorrow.
Glad someone brought this to your attention.
Jim Womack
Chairman, Lee County GOP

15 thoughts on “#ncgop: Top GOPer blasts NCGOPe move against ‘Haywood 5’

  1. It looks like these allegations mostly involve one Haywood County Commissioner who is described as a “gun grabber” or in other words not a supporter of the 2nd amendment. That would make the commissioner in question himself disloyal to the party in that he is taking the Democrat rather than Republican position on a core policy issue. Why should Republicans be expected to have “loyalty” to an elected official or candidate who is an Obama Republican and is disloyal himself to our platform?

    As to practical politics, at a time when 2nd amendment groups are already pissed at GOP legislators for stalling key gun rights legislation, how would it look to them for the State Executive Committee to kick a set of folks out of the party for refusing to support a “gun grabber”.? Talk about pouring salt into the wounds!

  2. Dear Ex Comm,

    I served on the Ex Comm during many different chairman over the last 15 or so years. I am not currently on the committee so I cannot vote in favor of keeping the Haywood 5 in the NCGOP so instead I will say this if you toss them out go ahead and add my name as the 6th name to the list

    Please pray to God for wisdom do not lean on your own understand for this issue


    Patrick 12th district

  3. I guess I don’t understand the comment “the Chairman, Vice-Chair and staff have no role in the matter” , did one or more of our NCGOP officers and legal consul travel to Haywood County to investigate? Hopefully we can pit all this behind us Saturday and focus on beating the opposition, raising money to beat Coopers 4 mill plus DNC $ to beat our NCGA majority, etc. Focus on getting out the vote and educating voters to prevent the NC disasters of Nov. 7 in 2018.

  4. NCGOP needs to waste time disciplining the Haywood Five. We can’t possibly allow time for discussion of how a half million dollar contribution was essentially refunded a few days later. Was this money laundering, or simply an attempt to inflate NCGOP’s fundraising numbers?

  5. Excuse me, I misspoke.

    The $500,000 from Greg Lindberg on August 29 2017 was refunded $490,000 on the same day. And a $50,000 contribution from Jim Goodnight on August 3 was refunded $40,000 on the same day.

    Is this money laundering, or merely an attempt to inflate NCGOP’S fundraising numbers?

    The truth is out there. Check out fec.gov.

      1. maybe he just sent his donation to the wrong party by mistake, that would be easy to do when you have F rated senators like Burr and Tillis. They are mistaken for democrats all the time when they vote in Washington

        and if speaking against them is disloyalty then kick me out also #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

  6. Yep. This is what we need to be doing. Attacking our activist, and shrinking our working members. The fewer the better, I always say. It’s gettin all stupid up in here.

    1. the party has been all about shrinking members especially when it comes to charging for conventions at the county and district levels. At least in my county the conventions have gotten smaller as they have pushed out the base charging fees and now in the #UrbanCesspool R’s are loosing elections BIG TIME

  7. Are you kidding me??? Establishment Ed just got trounced by Elmer Fudd in Virginia and these clowns are doing this?? What a waste of air, space, time, and money! They really do sound like a bunch of crooks. You can’t depend on the state party for a single thing.

  8. If we are going to sanction republicans and excommunicate them from the Party for supporting democrats running against republicans then I have 2 names to throw in the hat-President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush. Both said they voted for Crooked Hillary. I believe Sen. John McCain is one other. Get on with it boys, lets weed them out Dallas.

  9. As far as those 2 large checks are concerned it sounds a lot like old fashioned “check kiting”, which was a way back in the old days to use several banks. It was illegal and ended up bringing down a bank or two and jailing the “kiters”.
    To knowingly deposit money into a bank with the purpose to deceive is illegal. And why would someone make a large deposit and then refund it after such a very short interval?

  10. I would prefer being kicked out of this sham of a political party. This accounting “creativity” reeks of a Nigerian prince. How stupid do you have to be as a NCGOP ExCom member not to see this scam?

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