Goodbye Peace & Love. Hello Violence & Vandalism.

See something you don’t like?  Something make you unhappy? Break it.

The Peace & Love crowd of the 1960s and 70s has fully-morphed into the Smash & Grab caucus.  Many of them now dress in all black, mask their faces, and call themselves “antifa”.  That’s short for “anti-fascist” (or communist, to you and me).

They tried to literally destroy DC during President Trump’s inauguration.  They’ve assaulted people who dare to wear pro-Trump hats and attend pro-Trump meetings.  

Locally, they’re into attacking statues — inanimate objects. Not long ago, a mob of these folks destroyed a war memorial in front of the Durham courthouse.  After years of caterwauling about an on-campus statue memorializing UNC students who died in The Civil War, these maniacs have decided to trash the statue.

In the UNC case, the drivebys have been basically BEGGING for someone to tear the statue down.  The edu-crats have contributed to the crime with their dishonest portrayal of The Civil War.  *Stoke that anger, and then point out something to break.*

Masked vigilantes prowling the state enacting and enforcing their own political agenda with violence and vandalism was a problem we successfully dealt with in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  I don’t know how ANYONE can say its return is a good thing.  

The silence about these folks from alleged mainstream Democrats is troubling.  Is it now socially acceptable to go destroy something that upsets you personally?

Let’s say some folks troubled by the late Josephus Daniels’s support of the KKK decide to tear down his statue in  Nash Square Park in  Raleigh?  What if some folks, angered by the N&O’s history of supporting white supremacy and the Klan, decide to vandalize or burn down the paper’s office building?  Where does it stop?

Mob rule is par for the course in Third World autocratic societies.  We have elections and built-in checks and balances to address our concerns.

It’s been said that, if you don’t learn from  history, you’re doomed to repeat it.  An awful lot of stuff I’m seeing out there is looking quite familiar.

When we have alleged intellectuals, alleged thought leaders, and politicians making excuses for this garbage, you begin to realize that we are truly experiencing the decline and fall of The American Experiment.