#ncga: Radical leftists touting Steinburg TO DEMOCRATS

The Environmental Defense Fund gave us Roy Cooper’s current DENR (DEQ) secretary Michael Regan.  They’ve touted Barack Obama as the “the most consequential of any president in our history.” Their people helped staff and run the Clinton and Obama EPAs.  They’ve endorsed alleged “Tea Party Republican” Bob Steinburg’s state senate campaign.  Now, it appears they’re targeting registered Democrats with pro-Steinburg mailers. 

In fact, here’s ONE provided to us by a Democrat friend who found it in his mailbox.

The EDF has a long  track record of sabotaging Republican candidates and conservative policies.  It’s interesting that we now have a Republican gleefully and enthusiastically accepting their help.

By the way, there IS a Democrat in the race who espouses all the standard leftist green platitudes.  The senate district is competitive.

It’s sad that the general election debate in this senate district will likely be exclusively on the left side of the political spectrum.

6 thoughts on “#ncga: Radical leftists touting Steinburg TO DEMOCRATS

  1. So the EDF considers loafing on disability to be “spending his entire adult life in the private sector:? If Steinburg can campaign for and hold public office, how “disabled” can he be?

    Steinburg has sold out to the far left and is trying to out-liberal his Democrat opponent. He is a fake Republican.

    When will Obama’s endorsement of Steinburg arrive?

  2. Just as I told you our hard core environmentalist warriors would do. Bob Steinburg is our Great Green Hope. He loves the Polar Bears and does not care for your silly Republican platform.

    Heck, we might even get him to run as Green Party candidate next time. Move over, Jill Stein.

    1. They will play the liberal game and keep this info out of the hands of GOP voters if they can. The mailing is targeted to Democrats. This is about as welcome in GOP circles as an endorsement from Antifa or Obama.

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