#ncga: Jones St. Dems Okey-Dokey with mob violence

At least these three freaks from Orange County are:

So, mob violence is an acceptable response to not getting your way on the House floor?  What a pack of lowlifes.

You may remember this dingleberry as the guy who is ashamed to be white

Meyer and his crew didn’t blink in demanding all conservatives take the blame for (1) The Carolina Plotthound and (2) the Charlottesville riot of 2017.  (Never mind that there was nothing to apologize for in The Plotthound.  Never mind that the Charlottesville “right-wingers” were led by an Obama voter and supporter and proudly defined themselves as “national socialists.”  Socialists are Graig’s comrades.  Not mine.)

Given that, it’s interesting to see Democrats either (1) staying silent, or (2) being defiant apologists for the crime in Chapel Hill.

Graig and the gang have let the mob violence genie out of the bottle.  It’s going to be hard as hell — now that its out and being accepted — to put it back in.


5 thoughts on “#ncga: Jones St. Dems Okey-Dokey with mob violence

  1. OK—time for the Republicans to put a stop to this nonsense. The GOP controls both the UNC-CH trustee board and the UNC System Board of Governors. Vote today to reinstall the veterans’ monument. What’s keeping you from following the law and simply doing what’s right? The Democrats are nothing more than thugs roaming the streets; they have no control over this process. You Republicans have the votes and the responsibility to act to save UNC and our state from Democrat terrorism. Don’t try to fool us with your usual doublespeak.We aren’t buying. It’s time to act.

  2. The response of “Taliban Roy” Cooper to the lynching of the Durham soldiers monument only encouraged this lawlessness.

  3. The Democrats have established themselves as the party of violence and lawlessness. What say you, Republicans?

  4. “Who are the people who are fueling “the bitter racial struggle which continues to burden our country” Rep. Meyer? Who practices identity politics and seeks constant division to advance an agenda? Who is it that will not let this heal?

  5. Rep. Blust: Why won’t you Republicans do something about the liberal rot and leftist violence at UNC? Why do you just rant and rave and do nothing?

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