#nc-09: Country over Party. (Really?)

Dan McCready honored his ROTC commitment.  That’s to be commended.  But this guy is trying harder than anybody since John F. Kerry to get maximum political mileage out of his old service uniform.

This was on Twitter today:

First, let’s look at the affiliation of this guy Knudsen who is touting McCready so hard on social media.  He works for something called DemWritePress, which cites as its objectives:  (1) FLIPPING CONGRESS IN 2018 & KEEPING A DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN 2020 and (2) EXPOSING HOW THE RIGHT WING SWINDLES EVERYDAY AMERICANS, AND WHY WE FALL FOR IT. 

*Yep.  Country over party.*

McCready is being marketed  as a successful businessman.  For about three years, he and a college buddy have been funding solar farms all over the place.  In other words, he’s taken money confiscated from us by the government and given it to cronies / clients in return for a nice profit.  (Holy John Maynard Keynes, Batman!)  

He’s endorsed by the AFL-CIO, a long-time institution of the Democratic Party,  as well as those hardcore right-wingers at The Feminist Majority.  McCready has espoused support for the LGBTQIA and the feminist agenda, as well  as “common sense gun laws” (aka GUN CONTROL).

McCready is running as a Democrat, but doesn’t like talking about it.  Why not run as an Independent like Bernie Sanders?  (Country over party?)

Meanwhile, McCready and his followers inside and outside the driveby media are slamming his opponent, Baptist pastor Mark Harris, for daring to preach the gospel and read from The Bible.  Harris has a record of investing sweat equity in helping the poor and the needy here and across the globe, while McCready is a product of slick PR professionals and a trip to The Candidate Store.™  

It’s interesting to watch people run away from what they really are.  It tells you a lot about them.  And it gives you a clue about how bad what they really are REALLY IS.