Cooper: Don’t hurt yourself destroying that public property

Yesterday, he cited the mess in Durham as a “better” method for dealing with Confederate monuments. Today, Roy Cooper is calling for ALL Confederate monuments to be taken down as a safety measure:

On Tuesday night North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) called on the state legislature to grant counties, municipalities, and the state the ability to remove Confederate statues lest protesters get hurt pulling them down. […]

And while you’re at it — stop locking your cars, as well as the doors and windows on your homes.  *It would be a shame if folks got hurt trying to help themselves to your stuff.*

(Let’s see — Jim Hunt, the “education governor.”  Roy Cooper: The, um, VANDALISM governor?)


[…] Cooper used a Facebook post to reference the way slaves were once kept in chains in the South. And he criticized the existence of Confederate monuments without mentioning that Southern slave-owners were Democrats and that the Confederacy was a Democrat nation. Rather, he said, “These monuments should come down. Our Civil War history is important, but it belongs in textbooks and museums.” […]

The legislature has been shoving veto after veto back down his throat.  He has NO major accomplishments.  So, he’s decided to adopt the Bill Barber race-baiting and agitating playbook.  ( I am waiting for this goober to start jheri-curling his hair and gain 200 libs.)   Yeah, Mr. White Boy-Carolina Law alum  is the personification of the black “struggle” in America. 


[…] He then transitioned to public safety, saying, “My first responsibility as Governor is to protect North Carolinians and keep them safe. The likelihood of protesters being injured or worse as they may try to topple any one of the hundreds of monuments in our state, concerns me.” […]

Actually, that was the first responsibility of your OLD job.  *You know, the one where you refused to go to court to defend us?  The one where you let the crime lab backlog grow so big that local governments had to start outsourcing to third parties? *

It sure is interesting how Confederate monuments were NOT a problem during Jim Hunt’s 16 years in office, Mike Easley’s eight, and Bev Perdues’ FOUR. (All of them of course had legislative majorities to work with, too.)

When you’ve got nothing else to run with — whenever you run out of ammo — just start hollering ‘racism.’  Whip out that race card.

10 thoughts on “Cooper: Don’t hurt yourself destroying that public property

  1. Roy Cooper has lost his mind and just proves how he has sold his soul to the radical left, black lives matter, the communist=socialist workers party and every other crazed mob operating in the state. He is encouraging violence and property destruction. He is putting unnecessary strain on law enforcement. He is trying to instigate racial violence by the radical leftists. State GOP leaders need to go after this madman tooth and nail. He has become dangerous.

    1. I would call him the Taliban Governor. His policy toward historical monuments is exactly like the Taliban, ISIS, and similar groups.

  2. I think you are being conservative. Ol’ Roy would need to gain at least 500 to be in spittin’ distance of the Round Rev.

    1. Not if you know the history…which is what he wants to get rid of. His ignorance of the causes of the War Between the States is only overshadowed by his ineptness and ineffectiveness at his job.

    2. How is being on the same side of history as the Taliban, ISIS, the Nazi book burners, and the communists – namely destroying history – being on the ”right side” of history? That seems rather Orwellian, even for you people of the alt-left.

      What Crazy Cooper is actually doing is making a brazen political play to boost black turnout for the 2018 election, and throwing our history under the bus to do it. Cooper is the sorriest excuse for a governor that I can remember.

  3. Wow, Doug, you got it right! And I admire your use of the phrase, “the War Between the States.”

    Two quick historical examples?

    Frederick Douglas, the black man generally thought to have had a strong influence on Abraham Lincoln’s decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, did not meet President until the summer of 1863, and it was quite some time after that before the proclamation was signed, so it happened LATE IN THE WAR; it was not the cause of the war.

    Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, was imprisoned after the war. He tried and tried to get a trial, but he was unsuccessful because it was thought that he might WIN a court battle by successfully claiming the states who created the union had every right to withdraw from the union as it was one of the powers they had reserved to themselves.

    The root causes of the war had a lot more to do with the divergent financial interests of the north and the south and with the right of the states to autonomy in certain areas that the states had NOT AUTHORIZED the general (federal) government to deal with.

    Some people don’t know history, and some are willing to rewrite it in order to mislead our people. I’m not sure which group Governor Cooper is in, but either would detract from his ability or willingness to be a good public servant, so we’re stuck with a poor governor for now.

  4. This pretty much equates to saying, ” police officers should not enforce the laws because some thug who robs a store or a bank for that matter might get hurt by twisting an ankle while the pursue the criminal. Or hey don’t load and aim your gun at a criminal who is breaking into your home because you might hurt them.

    Roy Copper, our legislative body voted and passed legislation protecting historical monuments, that includes Confederate and Union statutes, MLK , Malcolm X, Harriet Truman, and Rosa Parks statutes, as well as many other important public statutes. Destruction of any of these historical monuments in any way is BREAKING THE LAW.

    As far as I am concerned if they violate any law and are harmed while doing so, it should make it that much easier to prosecute their asses for the crime that they didn’t escape from the scene of the crime.

  5. Memorial Statues should remain they are part of our history. Tolerance of others beliefs is important! If you want to speak out again do it peacefully! If the Blacks can not Tolerant Civil War Memorials, and DESTROY GOVERNEMENT, CITY AND COUNTY MEMORIAL STATUES LEAVE THE USA. GO IMMEDIATELY TO AFRICIA WHERE THE INCOME OF WORKERS IS ONLY 25% OF US SALARY INCOMES.

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