#ncga: David Lewis, ETHICS LAW chairman ???

I stumbled across this gem today:

Ethics Law Chairman?  I knew Lewis was the big elections kahuna for the House.  But putting him in charge of ANYTHING akin to ETHICS??? (Yikes.)

Let’s review, shall we?

So, Lewis gets accused of stuff and it simply vanishes off the radar without a trace.  And THIS is the best candidate for chairing the GOP majority’s ethics law production and oversight?

5 thoughts on “#ncga: David Lewis, ETHICS LAW chairman ???

    1. yea everyday is become more of a nightmare with the lack of common sense being displayed in society on every issue

  1. This reminds me of some of those Thrid World dictatorships that end up on the UN’s human rights commission. Incredible!

  2. I agree that David Lewis is a poor choice to be a champion of ethics; however, the election fiasco that is being created by the decision of a panel of 3 federal judges throwing out NC Congressional Districts 1 and 12 and saying we need to either have a primary for US House seats during the (otherwise) general election to be followed by a general election for those seats by January OR hold a general election for the US House seats without having had a primary election (that counted).

    If the courts were TRYING to screw up North Carolina’s elections, could they figure out how to do a better job ???

    “Even a blind chicken…” Maybe David Lewis is right in this instance. Maybe we should simply say, “North Carolina will conduct its elections as it sees fit (and as it has done for more than 100 years). Your judicial overreach into the affairs of our NC General Assembly’s legislative business is null and void in North Carolina and will be appropriately IGNORED !!!

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