#ncpol: Folwell to UNC Health Care: [REDACTED] you!

One thing we like about treasurer Dale Folwell is that he takes guff from NO ONE.  He doesn’t play the Raleigh back-scratch game, and the crowd there hates him for it.

Check out the latest from the University of North Carolina — fresh off of standing down while leftist criminals rioted and vandalized public property.  

UNC Health Care —  a state subsidized entity like the rest of the university — has to apply to take part in the state employees health plan network.  Just like everybody else.  Instead of following the rules and playing nice, the folks at UNC Health sent back to Folwell a signed agreement filled with redactions.

Folwell countered with THIS gem of a press release:

Got all that? One would think you just read a bunch of CIA classified documents. But NO. It’s our state university system’s health group thumbing its nose at state treasurer Dale Folwell for doing his job — conducting due diligence on behalf of taxpayers.

6 thoughts on “#ncpol: Folwell to UNC Health Care: [REDACTED] you!

  1. Not surprised by this at all. The Republican UNC-CH trustees are pathetic. They have no idea what’s going on at UNC and could care less. The place is out of control. I hope Folwell has the courage to stand his ground.

  2. Treasurer Dale Folwell is one of the best things that North Carolina has going for it. Principaled, competent, patriotic who delivers a quality product to benefit ALL North Carolinians. By contrast, our State higher education systems management is demonstratbly incompetent and inept. Lord, please send us more public servants like Dale Folwell.

  3. The nice guy in me wants to think “Oh, the Admin just sent the wrong copy.” But why on earth would there be such a copy in existence in the first place? And, after all, it is the UNC System who “offered” this redacted junk to the Treasurer of the State of North Carolina… for his approval!!! Please, could this incident be used as the perfect reason for making heads roll all over the UNC System until the whole lot of those institutions is decidedly conservative??? Please?

  4. I was at a CPA event a few weeks ago where Folwell was a featured speaker. He mentioned this stonewalling by UNC and it was clear he was very perturbed by their responses. He had a few stories on putting those New York money managers the prior Treasurer had hired in their place too. If anyone in Raleigh is going to get what they want, it will be him. He is turning out to be the best vote I have ever cast.

    And Andy….the above is a press release from Folwell. It is making a point about what UNC submitted to him.

  5. I can provide some context. When a “provider” contracts with BCBS of NC, he or she automatically is contracted to see patients in the State Health Plan. There typically is not a separate contract to see patients under this plan, but there SHOULD be. While I don’t know for sure, it might be that Folwell is trying to get UNC Health Care’s contract to see all BCBS-insured patients. He doesn’t really have a right to that. The idea that UNC Health Care is a powerful entity charging the taxpayers handsomely and competing with the private sector is a separate issue. Once again, there ought to be a separate contract to see people under the State Employees Health Plan, and then the state can negotiate different conditions of it wishes to do so.

  6. The legislature can solve this problem. Fire the entire RINO UNC Board of Governors and the RINO UNC-CH trustees. It should have been done a year ago. Just how much more of this must we take? The alternative is to elect a Democrat legislature–which will undoubtedly get rid of all the worthless RINOs.

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