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#NCSEN : Put A Cork In It.

Lefties have been giving me grief for personifying our junior US senator as a sock with ping-pong ball eyes and string for hair.  I wonder what they would say about McClatchy Rob likening Kay Hagan to a cork.  How disrespectful! A sock with ping pong…

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#NCSEN: HAVE bow tie, WILL prevaricate

Conservatives have been convinced for some time that mainstream media reporters distort events and outright lie in their coverage of right-leaning figures, organizations, and events.  The N&O’s John Frank (pictured with this post) has done an admirable job of proving right-wingers’ theories about the press…

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#NCSEN: Beware of shih-tzu!

            John Frank — N&O executive editor John Drescher’s attack shih-tzu — is apparently lobbying for a full-time gig in the lap of his master.  The boy wonder put together quite a hit piece on  Greg Brannon — the Tea…

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Moral Monday & McClatchy: Preachers in Court. (What’s this about F.I.S.T?)

  For months, we’ve been subjected to stories from our state’s dwindling, money-bleeding mainstream media fawning over Big Bill Barber’s Traveling Circus & Freak Show.  We’ve been told that Moral Monday is simply a bunch of average-joe mainstream North Carolinians upset with those dastardly Republicans…

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Hey, media: Don’t serve us B.S. and tell us it’s filet mignon.

McClatchy and the other surviving cartels in the dwindling, money-bleeding mainstream media are working overtime to try to sell us on the “fact” that the average American is furious with the GOP over a 17 percent freeze in federal spending during the first two weeks…

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McClatchy Rob BINKERS the Tea Party

Saddam Hussein had Baghdad Bob to disseminate his bullshit.  The Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd has McClatchy and WRAL to do their, um, dirty work. In the 1980s, the verb “to bork” was coined as a result of US Senate Democrats’ lynching of Supreme Court nominee Robert…

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Unemployment down? THAT’S “terrible.”

      Our local thrice twice-weekly Nobel Prize-nominated local paper never ceases to amaze me.  Today, they hit us with this headline: Analyst:  NC jobs report ‘terrible.’  But then, you read the first sentence of the article: The latest jobs report from the N.C….

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Counting is HARD.

  McClatchy-Raleigh treated us to this fair & balanced headline today: Protestors cry shame on NC’s hands-off policy on new health law.   I see there are no quotes around any words in this headline over a HARD news item.  Now, how many protesters were we…

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Randolph County book ban brouhaha sheds light on leftist indoctrination in public education

McClatchy and their comrades are up in arms about the Randolph County school board daring to exert some sort of local control over public education.  Heck. Even Russian TV and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund are joining ranks with the crayon corps in the…

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McClatchy now doing HR work for DHHS?

I’m generally not one to argue with scrutinizing the government bureaucracy.  However, it DOES tick me off when our lazy, shiftless legacy media monopoly runs all of these “horror stories” about a Republican administration in Raleigh when the same types of stories earned yawns while…