McClatchy Rob BINKERS the Tea Party

binker rollSaddam Hussein had Baghdad Bob to disseminate his bullshit.  The Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd has McClatchy and WRAL to do their, um, dirty work.

In the 1980s, the verb “to bork” was coined as a result of US Senate Democrats’ lynching of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.  To “bork” someone is to publicly humiliate them with half-truths and lies — to basically tear them a new one. 

The other day, we exposed WRAL pretty boy Mark Binker’s attempt to smear NCDHHS secretary Aldona Wos.  It appears that Binker dressed up, exaggerated, and twisted a quote from Senate Democrat leader Martin Nesbitt to look like a cheap shot at Wos.  I believe some folks refer to what he attempted as eviscerating.  Washington Democrats introduced “borking” to the political lexicon.  Thanks to “Witch”-gate, we are introducing a similar term — “binkering” — to the lexicon of North Carolina politics. 

A prime example of binkering showed up today in some “reporting” by McClatchy’s Mr. Politics — Rob Christensen. His piece was about Republican Frank Roche’s nascent primary challenge to Second District congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  For the record, we are not exactly cheerleaders for Roche here.  But after seeing what Rob and the McClatchy newsroom did in this piece, we had to step up.

The headline says Roche calls Ellmers a “faux conservative.”  Did he?  Let’s go to Rob’s article:

“If you’re a self-starter, have a passion for politics, or are concerned and frustrated by RINO’s or faux conservatives in DC, come get involved,” Roche wrote in an email to potential supporters.

That’s the only mention of “faux conservative” (s) in the entire piece.  I don’t see Renee’s name anywhere near the term.  So, it can be concluded that the headline — right off the bat — is FALSE and MISLEADING.

Rob wraps up his piece with some incredible creative writing:

Although she owns one of the most conservative voting records in the House, Ellmers has come under fire from the tea party faction of the party because she was slow to support a government shutdown as a tactic to defund the president’s health care program — a move she eventually voted for.

Hoo-boy. Where do I begin?  This is the second love letter to Ellmers –in as many days — authored by Christensen.  Rob is the only member of the mainstream media — that I can recall — to be physically and forcibly removed from a NCGOP state convention.  Any Republican who evokes sympathy from Rob ought to give pause to any conservative-minded voter out there.  

One of the most conservative voting records in the House?  Compared to Mel Watt and Maxine Waters — SURE.  Ellmers got a good rating from National Journal in 2012 and she chose to trumpet it in her TV ads during that year’s primary.  National Journal considers you a conservative if you vote with the House Republican leadership.  In this case, we have a leadership that has aided and abetted a spending spree, jacked up the debt ceiling, and wussed on ObamaCare.

But Rob and Renee don’t want to talk about rankings from The Club For Growth — a group that focuses on fiscal conservatism.  Nor do they want to get into ratings from The Heritage Foundation. 

And the part about the Tea Party being mad at her for not wanting to shut the government down?  Bah.  The Tea Party has been disenchanted with Renee since shortly after she took office.  She campaigned for office in 2010 promising to fight tooth-and-nail against increases in government debt, deficit spending and ObamaCare.  Shortly after taking office, she was lauded by The New York Times for helping John Boehner sell Republicans on jacking up the debt ceiling:

Her willingness to join the leadership, rather than beat up on it, is something that Tea Party groups in her state have begun to notice. Mrs. Ellmers understands their chagrin because she has been there.

“There is just a lot of mistrust Americans have for ‘those people in Washington,’ ” she said, adding with a laugh, “and now I am one of those people in Washington.”

Tea Partiers who coughed up funds and shed blood, sweat and tears to help her eke out a close win against Bob Etheridge have every right to be upset.  Renee Ellmers’ deceptive practices would get ANY private business person jacked up by the Federal Trade Commission and The Justice Department.  At the very least, those tactics would earn the business person a visit from 60 Minutes or the local news channel’s “troubleshooter.”

No one demanded that Ellmers shut down the government, starve babies or old people, or blockade parks and memorials.  We demanded that she honor her campaign rhetoric — to stand up and fight tooth-and-nail against a travesty that threatens our personal freedoms and economic security. 

This and Witch-gate are the tip of the iceberg with this whole binkering thing.  It’s going to get uglier as we get closer to the elections.

McClatchy and WRAL are the remnants of a dying breed.  Stop supplying ad and subscription revenue. Stop watching their news programming.  In this digital age, there are plenty of venues for searching out the truth.  Search them out.


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