A Time For Choosing: Make The New York Times happy or Save The Country.

warWe’re being told by the mainstream media that the public is angry at the GOP for standing in the way of Barry & Harry’s spending spree.  We’re being told that more than half of the country thinks ObamaCare is great.  A lot of parents across the country are still telling their kids that a fat man in a red suit will slide down the chimney to bring them presents at Christmas.

The Democrats and their media lapdogs keep hammering home the spin that the GOP needs to “compromise.”  I’ve always thought a compromise meant a win-win situation.  They are apparently using an obscure French word that translates roughly to “give the other side everything they want.” (Kinda like when the French “compromised” with the Germans during World War II.)

I am waiting for ABC News and CNN to start demanding that Dingy Harry start voting for spending rollbacks and tax cuts.

This whole discussion about the federal debt ceiling reminds me of an episode of “Cheers” where Cliff owed Norm some money.  Cliff pulls out a checkbook and writes out a check for “one zillion dollars.”   Everyone knew that Cliff could never back that check with cold hard cash.  WE will never be able to pay off the $16 trillion in debt we’ve already racked up OR the extra debt that Barry, Harry and the rest of the DC ruling class want to saddle us with.

I hear a bunch of moaning about default.  We’ve already got a debt load we can’t pay off.  Why not focus on paying off what we’ve got instead of adding to it ??? 

Default is ON THE WAY regardless of what these clowns in DC do.  They’re trying to pass the blame on to someone else. Kick that can down the road to our children and grandchildren.

The Wall Street Journal was moaning today about how “default” would be a serious blow to American prestige.  Thanks to the misadventures of these clowns in DC, the world is looking at China like they used to look at us.  Many nations — for years — have been looking for an alternative to the US dollar, long considered the standard for international trade.  DC has done a hell of a number on our national prestige already. 

Word came out today that Mitch McConnell, Richard Burr and the gang in the US Senate are offering up a “compromise” on the debt ceiling and a continuing resolution AND ObamaCare.  The Senate GOP leadership is apparently using the French version of that word.  They’re offering to raise the debt ceiling for a little while, fully fund the government, AND back off this whole ObamaCare defunding thingie.  And THIS is America’s conservative party!

Team Boehner has been floating something similar in the House.  This whole ideological combat thing makes those Georgetown cocktail parties such uncomfortable affairs.  A vote was called off in the House when it became clear that Tea Party-aligned /-influenced members made it clear they would fight it.

It takes more than three or four guys to make law in DC.  Just because Boehner and McConnell make a deal with Obama does not make it a foregone conclusion.  The only reason this stuff has not been ramrodded through is that the Tea Party and the rest of grassroots America has been raising holy hell.  With the exception of a literal handful of Members, the US Senate is USELESS.  Freedom-loving Americans everywhere have some leverage in this fight in the US House.

Dingy Harry can ram through the Senate what he wants.  The debt ceiling does not go up without approval from the House.  ObamaCare does not get funded without the House’s approval.  Our economy cannot continue to be trashed without the aid of the House.  Turn up the heat on every House member you can. Time is quickly running out, folks.