Unemployment down? THAT’S “terrible.”





Our local thrice twice-weekly Nobel Prize-nominated local paper never ceases to amaze me.  Today, they hit us with this headline: Analyst:  NC jobs report ‘terrible.’  But then, you read the first sentence of the article:

The latest jobs report from the N.C. Division of Employment Security shows that the state’s unemployment rate dropped from 8.9 percent in July to 8.7 percent in August.

A drop in the unemployment rate is “terrible”?  It is if your paper is owned by hard-core Democrat operatives and the GOP controls the legislature AND the governor’s office in Raleigh. Who is this “analyst” the contributed article quotes?:

“Today’s jobs report, quite simply, is terrible. August’s job numbers are a serious cause for concern,” said Allan Freyer, public policy analyst with the Budget & Tax Center, a project of the North Carolina Justice Center. “North Carolina is struggling just to replace the jobs lost during the Great Recession, much less keep with rapid population growth. 

North Carolina Justice Center?  THAT’S BlueprintNC.  Remember those pleasant folks?

Not a peep in this contributed article — likely a transcribed press release — from anyone at Civitas, John Locke, or AN actual economist without a clear political axe to grind.

Stuff like this is the legacy media’s way of “reminding” you: It’s ALL Pat’s fault.