Mealy-Mouth 101: Class Is In Session

capitolToday, the most dangerous place to be was between a US House Republican and a member of the news media.The GOP-dominated House passed a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the cash flowing to the federal government while, reportedly, defunding ObamaCare. And Republicans were ready to crow.

Of course, an epidemic of tap-dancing and talking out of both sides of the mouth erupted.  (No word yet if the CDC was called in.)

A month ago, congressman Robert Pittenger was mocking Tea Partiers demanding he vote to defund ObamaCare in the continuing resolution. Two weeks earlier, he gave a firm NO in response to requests to join the defund fight.  Today, he voted FOR a continuing resolution missing funding for ObamaCare. He even crowed about it in his newsletter like he had been on board with defunding O-care the whole time.

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) was also balking at backing a CR missing ObamaCare funding. Today, he voted FOR a CR missing ObamaCare funding.

Renee Ellmers said “absolutely not” in reaction to calls that she vote FOR a continuing resolution without funding for ObamaCare. A tape came out of her endorsing the idea of defunding ObamaCare via a continuing resolution at a Heritage Foundation event.  She doubled down on her opposition to supporting a continuing resolution defunding ObamaCare at a town hall meeting in Pinehurst. Today, she voted FOR a continuing resolution missing funding for ObamaCare implemeventation.

Have these people come to their senses?  Or have they been dragged kicking and screaming toward a vote for the right thing?  Are they merely trying to stay one step ahead of the lynch mob?

Should we be celebrating this victory — achieved mainly by the grassroots beating up on a bunch of politicians to actually DO what they promised to do when we voted them in during 2010 and 2012?

I still think this really is the scam we talked about in a post the other day — throwing us a bone with this vote, while working behind the scenes in a conference committee to remove the defund provision from the spending bill when we’re not paying attention.



4 thoughts on “Mealy-Mouth 101: Class Is In Session

  1. Thanks for pointing out we have more then Ellmers in the NC congressional delegation afflicted with the “go along to get along’ (with Boehner) disease which permeates the House of Representatives.
    Their deceitful, double-dealing is sickening!

  2. The amount of chutzpah it takes to swear up and down for weeks on end that you’ll never, ever vote for a particular bill, in the face of angry, frustrated activists and voters, only to completely reverse yourself when leadership says it’s okay, then crow about your flip-flop as if you’re some kind of crusading hero, is truly mind-boggling. I truly hope people don’t forget what frauds these three are, despite their having voted the right way in the end.

  3. It would be wise to remember none of these individuals have any principles. They determine their vote my pointing a wet finger in the air to determine which way the political wind is favoring. As far as I’m concerned they are more dangerous than the most committed liberal.

  4. Believe me, the grassroots will NOT forget in 2014. These arrogant, self-serving RINO sell-outs will hear from us loudly and clearly!

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