Mealy-Mouth 101: Class Is In Session

capitolToday, the most dangerous place to be was between a US House Republican and a member of the news media.The GOP-dominated House passed a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the cash flowing to the federal government while, reportedly, defunding ObamaCare. And Republicans were ready to crow.

Of course, an epidemic of tap-dancing and talking out of both sides of the mouth erupted.  (No word yet if the CDC was called in.)

A month ago, congressman Robert Pittenger was mocking Tea Partiers demanding he vote to defund ObamaCare in the continuing resolution. Two weeks earlier, he gave a firm NO in response to requests to join the defund fight.  Today, he voted FOR a continuing resolution missing funding for ObamaCare. He even crowed about it in his newsletter like he had been on board with defunding O-care the whole time.

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) was also balking at backing a CR missing ObamaCare funding. Today, he voted FOR a CR missing ObamaCare funding.

Renee Ellmers said “absolutely not” in reaction to calls that she vote FOR a continuing resolution without funding for ObamaCare. A tape came out of her endorsing the idea of defunding ObamaCare via a continuing resolution at a Heritage Foundation event.  She doubled down on her opposition to supporting a continuing resolution defunding ObamaCare at a town hall meeting in Pinehurst. Today, she voted FOR a continuing resolution missing funding for ObamaCare implemeventation.

Have these people come to their senses?  Or have they been dragged kicking and screaming toward a vote for the right thing?  Are they merely trying to stay one step ahead of the lynch mob?

Should we be celebrating this victory — achieved mainly by the grassroots beating up on a bunch of politicians to actually DO what they promised to do when we voted them in during 2010 and 2012?

I still think this really is the scam we talked about in a post the other day — throwing us a bone with this vote, while working behind the scenes in a conference committee to remove the defund provision from the spending bill when we’re not paying attention.