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#ncga: EVERYBODY already has a job!

So says Currituck County commission chairman, and state House district 6 candidate Bobby Hanig: […] Hanig acknowledged that some of the opposition to offshore drilling is based on emotion. However, he said his own decision to oppose it is based on the future of Currituck’s…

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Facts continue to stymie lefty doomsayers & race-baiters

Bert & Ernie and the gang are working overtime to poo-poo the ongoing economic boom.  They are trying to tell us — with a straight face — that “people of color” are being left behind by the current economic growth.  We knocked that spin down…

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The economy: So, how we (really) doin’ ?

“How’m I doin’?” — campaign slogan for former NYC mayor Ed Koch _____________ It’s always good to stop, take a deep breath and assess things.  If you believe the NCGOP, North Carolina’s economy is booming.  If you believe the Democrats, the Four Horsemen of The…

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Digging into North Carolina’s jobs situation

That unemployment rate the drive-bys regularly quote to you is actually a percentage of the “workforce.” In economics, the “workforce” is defined as that portion of the population, of working age,  who are employed in civilian or military jobs.  People who are unemployed, but actively…

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#NCGA: Dale Folwell tames the shrew

Former legislator Dale Folwell, now heading up the Employment Security Commission for Gov. Pat McCrory, went back to Jones Street today to get grilled by his former colleagues.  From all the reports we’ve seen and heard, he didn’t exactly roll over and submit to the…

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BarryO’s latest offensive in his War on Work

As we sink deeper into the Obama Era, it is becoming more apparent that “Dear Leader” does not want people starting businesses, working hard, and making their own money to feed and clothe themselves and their families. We’ve got record unemployment.  BarryO, Dingy Harry, Kay…

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Here we go again: DC taking us back to the 1970s

I don’t know about you, but the 1970s is a decade I’d like to forget. For those of you too young to remember, Google these terms:  gas lines, Iran hostage crisis, Watergate, inflation, price controls, DISCO.  Our national standing was at a low point.  Iranian…

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Time to pull out of LBJ’s War On Poverty

I think it was Albert Einstein who once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Statists in Congress are arguing — in the current unemployment insurance debate — that the government needs to spend even…

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That sinking feeling ….

      According to the newly released global Index of Economic Freedom, the United States is about to fall out of the Top Ten :  When institutions protect the liberty of individuals, greater prosperity results for all. Economist Adam Smith formed this theory in…

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Unemployment down? THAT’S “terrible.”

      Our local thrice twice-weekly Nobel Prize-nominated local paper never ceases to amaze me.  Today, they hit us with this headline: Analyst:  NC jobs report ‘terrible.’  But then, you read the first sentence of the article: The latest jobs report from the N.C….