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Did I say Witch? Pardon me. I MEANT “Bitch.”

You’ve gotta love this civility, peace and love crowd.  When they ran things into the ground in Raleigh, they frequently shut down GOP and conservative protests by lecturing about the need for “civility.”  The GOP takes over in 2010 — and solidifies control in 2012…

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Unemployment down? THAT’S “terrible.”

      Our local thrice twice-weekly Nobel Prize-nominated local paper never ceases to amaze me.  Today, they hit us with this headline: Analyst:  NC jobs report ‘terrible.’  But then, you read the first sentence of the article: The latest jobs report from the N.C….

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Blueprint 101: Spin SOP so that it looks — and sounds — like a sordid scandal

McCrory replaces State Board of Elections as inquiry into contributions begins That’s the headline screaming at us from behind the McClatchy-Raleigh paywall.  The average low-information voter — perhaps one of the few remaining paying McClatchy subscribers — would look at that headline and say something…

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Is the BlueprintNC brouhaha REALLY all that big of a deal?

    It’s been fun watching all of the sputtering and posturing about the strategy memo reportedly circulated by the leadership of a lefty group calling itself BluePrintNC.   The document uses language like “crippling” and “eviscerate” and “weaken.”   And the chattering classes in…