Moral Monday & McClatchy: Preachers in Court. (What’s this about F.I.S.T?)



For months, we’ve been subjected to stories from our state’s dwindling, money-bleeding mainstream media fawning over Big Bill Barber’s Traveling Circus & Freak Show.  We’ve been told that Moral Monday is simply a bunch of average-joe mainstream North Carolinians upset with those dastardly Republicans running the show in Raleigh.  Some of our reporting — as well as that by our friend Lady Liberty — has poked hole after hole in that ridiculous spin.

We were scanning a story on the McClatchy-Raleigh web site this weekend about Moral Monday-ers in court, when we stumbled across this gem:

[…] General Assembly police Chief Jeff Weaver was again on the stand much of the day, facing defense attorney Irving Joyner’s line of questioning that tried to establish that Weaver overstepped his authority in interpreting rules for public access at the statehouse and that he overreacted.

Weaver testified that police had information earlier that day that there would be a large number of arrests. He said the NAACP-sponsored march into the building did not concern him  protesters began chanting “fight, fight, fight” and he recognized several people who had been arrested in the past, including members of a local socialist group calling itself Raleigh F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism — Stand Together) whom he knew had been arrested before.

Yikes! What a poorly-constructed, nightmarishly-long run-on sentence!  More:

(The group’s website says it “has been extensively involved in counter-military recruitment,” among other things.)

Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget to mention the web site’s sub-heading describing F.I.S.T as “Revolutionary Socialist Youth in the U.S. South.” More:

“You were freaked out by this ‘fight, fight, fight’?” Joyner asked. “…You allowed that to taint your conclusion about what these defendants were ready to do or likely to do?”

“I was concerned about it, I wasn’t freaked out,” Weaver said. “I saw two individuals raising their fists. I knew it was an emotional issue.”

The police chief explained that the dozen who were ultimately arrested were taken into custody because they refused to disperse when ordered to three times. Raleigh Police Department officers were called in to make the arrests, because Weaver’s staff is small. […]

First, there are rules for conducting yourself in public areas.  You can’t drop ‘trou’ on the sidewalk.  You can’t drive on the left side of the road.  You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater.

Second, it’s about time for McClatchy and WRAL to stop lying to their readers.  Stop painting Moral Monday as mom-and-pop average Joe middle America and start portraying them for what they really are:  Professional leftist hell-raisers and Chapel Hill-Carrboro’s craziest and smelliest.  

6 thoughts on “Moral Monday & McClatchy: Preachers in Court. (What’s this about F.I.S.T?)

  1. Unfortunately, we have news outlets in our state, print and electronic, that spew political propaganda as news just as readily as their brethren in Cuba or North Korea today or in Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany in the past..


    1. What is shameful is constant referral to Hitler and other repressive and hateful regimes when speaking of freedoms. The ones crying loudest about liberties being denied are the first to abuse them.

      1. The first to abuse our liberties are the political propagandists posing as journalists who spew biased and distorted political propaganda as news.

  2. “Liberty” loving individuals spout out how they are supposed Constitutionalists but woe be to those who exercise freedom of speech. The ones crying about liberties stolen are the thieves.

    1. Nobody on the conservative side is attacking freedom of speech. If they were, you would not be able to post your leftwing opinions here. In contrast, some of the liberal websites in NC regularly kick conservatives off.

      The establishment media is free to spew their biased ”reporting” skewed to favor the left and the Democrats, while others are free to challenge them on it through new media outlets such as this one. That is as it should be.

      While big media should strive to be objective, sadly It hasn’t been for many years, and it seems to be getting worse all the time.

  3. “Leftwing” because I don’t agree with you? News outlets are biased towards their audience. What “leftwing” websites do you speak of?

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