Hey, media: Don’t serve us B.S. and tell us it’s filet mignon.

liberal-media-biasMcClatchy and the other surviving cartels in the dwindling, money-bleeding mainstream media are working overtime to try to sell us on the “fact” that the average American is furious with the GOP over a 17 percent freeze in federal spending during the first two weeks of October.

For those of us outside of the “Just give me my damn check”  caucus, the “government shutdown” was a non-factor in our lives.  We would not have even noticed it had it not been for the mainstream media’s howler monkeys forecasting a falling sky every minute on the minute. 

What are average Americans really angry about?  We’re angry about our so-called leaders ignoring the specifics of The Constitution and burdening future generations with debt.  We’re angry about an overbearing bureaucracy telling us that we’re bad — and need to be punished — because we’ve worked hard and become successful.  We’re angry about bureaucrats, lawyers and other radical leftists degrading the sanctity of American citizenship.

We’re angry about both parties dismissing the idea of controlling spending and demanding that we take on MORE debt and cough up even more to fuel some political ambitions and protect some political careers.

We’re angry about Washington politicians saddling us with a monstrosity like ObamaCare, while exempting themselves, their staffs, and their big political donors from its onerous mandates.  We’re angry about barricades being thrown up around outdoor memorials to keep geriatric wheelchair-bound veterans away, while the National Mall is opened specially for illegal aliens to rail against our government. 

We’re angry about candidates who tell us they’re heading to DC to fight FOR US — but, after winning the election, jump into the welcoming embrace of the fraud and extortion scam that IS Washington politics.