Crisco For Congress?

criscoDemocrats are atwitter about the possibility of a big-name Democrat jumping into the 2014 race for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.  The Second — currently represented by Republican Renee Ellmers — is roughly two-thirds Republican, basically a safe GOP seat.

But Miss Renee is trying hard to make things interesting in 2014 – from her “I need my paycheck” gaffe to her snide attacks on Tea Party efforts to defund ObamaCare.  Keith Crisco — a Randolph County native who served as Bev Perdue’s Commerce Secretary — is being floated as a potential opponent for Ellmers in November 2014. Ellmers lost Randolph County in the 2014 GOP primary.  Since then, she has established an office there.

Ellmers’ fundraising has been less than impressive.  Tea Party-aligned groups from across the state and the nation have been seeking a primary opponent for Ellmers.  Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan — an overwhelming Tea Party favorite —  recently surprised observers by backing out of a challenge to Ellmers.  Former Raleigh-area radio broadcaster Frank Roche, a Republican, is the congresswoman’s only announced challenger.

2 thoughts on “Crisco For Congress?

  1. Ellmers has always been a weak candidate. She won the first time because of a third party ad run heavily by a conservative group that focused on Etheridge and his ”Who are You?” slug fest. The NRCC and RNC ignored her in that first campaign, yet when she got to DC she quickly snubbed the conservatives and got in tight with the GOP establishment, which is where she now hangs out.

    Not only do we need a new candidate to actually represent our values in DC, instead of being an establishment puppet, but if the Dems are targeting this seat, we need a stronger candidate to be able to hold the seat.

    Crisco? Isn’t that something one of the Dem constituency groups uses for obscene practices?

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