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#NCSEN Harris year-end campaign report: $$$ from TWO state senators, STILL NO Hayes $$$

Much has been made about the support Thom Tillis’ US Senate campaign is receiving from his colleagues at the legislative building on Raleigh’s Jones Street.  But Charlotte pastor Mark Harris’ 2013 year end campaign report appears to show support for him from TWO sitting GOP…

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#NCSEN: Harris campaign challenging narrative of Tillis inevitability

There’s been quite a bit of suspicion for some time that Charlotte pastor Mark Harris’ Senate campaign was merely a stalking horse to peel Tea Party votes away from  Greg Brannon.  Harris labels himself a conservative — like Thom Tillis does.  But he’s named former congressman,…

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#NCSEN: Establishment doubles down on Tillis

North Carolina state House speaker, and US Senate candidate, Thom Tillis has picked up the endorsement of the DC-based Business & Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC).  The group is closely allied with efforts by Karl Rove and The US Chamber of Commerce to beat back…

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#NCSEN: Is Dr. Evil advising the Mark Harris campaign?

Fans of the Austin Powers movies will remember Dr. Evil — the villain who promised to abort his plans to destroy the world if he was paid the *exorbitant* sum of ONE MILLION DOLLARS.   We posted an item about political mastermind Robin Hayes passing…

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#NCSEN: Rantin’ Robin passes the plate for Rev. Harris. (Lt. Dan & His Team leaning toward Harris?)

        A friend and frequent reader of this site passed along this email tidbit: Boy, this pitch from ol’ Robin is a lot more pleasant and diplomatic than the one he made in Tampa during the RNC convention.  The “full support” line is…

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#NCSEN: Baptist Church, Harris campaign intersect. (NO Robin Hayes money?)

        We took a look at Thom Tillis’s money in a previous post.  Now, let’s look at the financial doings of Charlotte pastor-turned-candidate Mark Harris. (Click graphic below to enlarge.) Two things that jump out at me: (1) multiple intersections of the…

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#NCSEN: Mark Harris & The Issues

    Charlotte pastor – and GOP US Senate candidate — Mark Harris is closely associated with the state constitutional amendment passed in May 2012 defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  Other than that — he’s been rather vague on his positions….

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#NCSEN: Robin Hayes dishes on his buddy Thom T.

  Ever since Robin Hayes’ name popped up in connection with Charlotte pastor Mark Harris’ US Senate campaign, we’ve been a little suspicious.  Hayes, while NCGOP chairman, was TIGHT with House speaker Thom Tillis — carrying his water at every opportunity.  SO, why on Earth…

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#NCSEN: Brannon praised by YET another national conservative figure

  The GOP race for US Senate appears to be cranking up a notch.  State House speaker Thom Tillis has touted endorsements from Republican leaders in the General Assembly, and support from DC establishment figures like Richard Burr and Karl Rove. Cary physician Greg Brannon…

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#NCSEN: When is a draft NOT REALLY a draft?

  We’ve been sold the idea that some folks out there in the grassroots have been clamoring for Charlotte preacher Mark Harris to jump into the 2014 GOP US Senate primary.  There’s a Facebook page out there called “I Support the Committee to Draft Mark…