#NCSEN: Establishment doubles down on Tillis

krNorth Carolina state House speaker, and US Senate candidate, Thom Tillis has picked up the endorsement of the DC-based Business & Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC).  The group is closely allied with efforts by Karl Rove and The US Chamber of Commerce to beat back Tea Party influence in the GOP.  BIPAC’s fundraising efforts are led by  former congressman Tom Tauke (R-Iowa), a moderate who left the House in 1990 for an ultimately unsuccessful challenge to Senator Tom Harkin (D).  

BIPAC’s endorsement of Tillis comes on the heels of another by the pro-amnesty, pro-gay marriage American Opportunity Alliance.   The House speaker has also been endorsed by DC-based GOPAC, which focuses on grooming Republican state legislators for bigger (political) things.

Tea Party-aligned sources such as FreedomWorks and Kentucky senator Rand Paul have lined up behind one of Tillis’ GOP primary opponents, Dr. Greg Brannon. 

Social conservative forces are lining up behind the candidacy of Rev. Mark Harris of Charlotte. The Family Research Council — led by Tony Perkins – announced their endorsement of Harris today.  This should come as no surprise — since Perkins led efforts to recruit Harris into the race.   Other socially conservative groups, such as Concerned Women for America and The National Organization for Marriage have also joined the Harris camp. Again, this should be no surprise — given Harris’ prominent role in the 2012 campaign for the marriage amendment to the state constitution 


22 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Establishment doubles down on Tillis

  1. And who else is there to support?

    Tillis is obviously the only candidate who even has a chance at defeating Hagan.

    1. Tillis has more baggage than a Samsonite outlet store. He would be an easy pick off for the Democrats and Kay Hagen. If here were to win the primary, then we’re stuck with that snake and then all the baggage will come spilling out in the general election. Tillis is Kay Hagen without the skirt that we know about anyway. Remember, open borders, amnesty for illegals, its been thoroughly established that he was taught politics at the knee of Jim Black and Richard Morgan his political godfathers. He’s a Richard Burr clone and look what a disaster that’s been. If you want to see what Tillis would be like in DC look no further than his clone Richard Burr’s record. Keep drinking the Tillis kool aid for a Hagen victory in November. He’s just a bad candidate all around with his commitment to nothing except self serving and self advancement. The only Americana that I can see is he’s like an amber wave of grain blowing in the political winds in any direction that will help advance his political career and bring home more personal graft. US, he doesn’t care about North Carolina. We’ll all be better by sending that carpetbagger back to Florida, or Massachusetts, or Maryland, or Wisconsin, or California, or wherever the heck he came from. Nobody really knows who he is or where he came from. Tillis is a very questionable candidate. I feel very uncomfortable with him and do not trust him. I will not vote for him under any circumstances at all.

      1. I’d say he’s worse that Burr. He’s supported by Rove and his corporatist open borders buddies. He’d vote for amnesty in a heartbeat.

        If amnesty does not happen prior to the election, and Tillis makes it into the Senate, he’d be a sure vote for it and anything else these globalist backers want. THAT you can count on.

    2. Tilli$ is the one who has the most skeletons rattling around in his closet, many of them exposed on this site. The media elite, however, wants to keep those under wraps until they can steer their boy Tilli$ to the nomination, and then unload on him. If Republicans want to beat Hagan, we need to nominate ANYBODY BUT TILLI$.

      Tilli$ is a Big Government Republican who cares nothing for North Carolina voters, as shown by his ducking all the candidate forums. He is simply a rent boy for the $pecial interest$. Excuse me while I throw up.

        1. Being realistic is important. And it goes both ways. So far, this civil trial thing is one hit. Candidates can take a lot of hits (Bill Clinton) and still prevail when the environment is right. Where the Primary is concerned, I can’t detect any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that Brannon’s support is falling away from him in droves, and what outliers do stop supporting him, will probably vote for anyone not named Tillis which only enhances the chance of a run-off (which I personally never before thought likely, no matter how many no-name candidates jump into this) Thus, Brannon’s chances of winning the Primary today versus his chances a month ago, probably haven’t changed much, barring some compelling evidence to the contrary. The biggest factor to the Brannon campaign is whether or not he can win any new support from this point forward. I welcome debate on this, anyone with a compelling case to the contrary, please chime in.

    3. How many times have we made that statement? I will not vote for anyone affiliated with Rove, although I must admit, Mr. Tillis with fit right in with the others in the District of Corruption.

  2. I never cease to be amazed by people who comment on this site. Definitive statements made that fly in the face of fact, and reality itself.

  3. The more I read and here about Thom Tillis, the more I really do not care to see. I think the country needs people outside of politics to get into the game. Not sure if Brannon is the guy; I might go with that lady who is the nurse. Just going to have a hard time voting for Tillis in a General. Messages need to be sent to the Party ELite that things have to change. If it means the Republicans loose the seat, I am ok with it.

  4. Scenes from the Shakespeare Play: The establishment meets in Neverland.

    John of the Republican Establishment: “Listen up guys. It is time to pour some money into the NC Senate race. We may have a shot at picking up the seat occupied by Kay Hagan.”
    Jethro of the Republican Establishment: “Who should we support?”
    Elwood of the Republican Establishment: “How about Brannon? He seems fresh and alive!”
    Jethro: “I think I read where he was just got found guilty in a civil case.”
    John” “What?”
    Jethro: “Yeah, the jury convicted him. They had a trial and everything. It was just like Judge Judy.”
    John: “What did Brannon say on the stand?”
    Jethro: “From what I read he did not take the stand in his own defense.”
    John: “Maybe he does not like to speak in public.”
    Jethro: “Might be it.”
    Elwood: “Heavens to Betsey, we might need to find someone else.”
    John: “How about that Tillis fella?”
    Elwood: “Has he got any recent convictions?”
    Jethro: “Not to my knowledge. Least wise I ain’t seen none in the papers.”
    John: “We need to decide. All righty now jury, who do you want to send the money to?”

    1. Typical Tilli$ distortions – terms like ”convicted” and ”guilty” and ”convictions” are from criminal court. NONE of the GOP primary candidates have been through criminal court!

      Maybe the more important question should be which candidate had a sex and influence scandal in their office which snared his very own roommate and chief of staff, and the sex occurred in the candidate’s own apartment, and the candidate then mishandled it. And THAT would be Tilli$. And those on the other end of the sex were lobbyists who wanted things from the Speakers office. That is a scandal that makes a disagreement over an investment opportunity look mighty puny.

      1. Yes, sex is more important.

        Look at all the trouble sex caused Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and Teddy Kennedy. Teddy retired as the “Lion of the Senate” after his tragic episode with Mary Jo. Jesse is still going strong. And many think Bill Clinton to be the finest President ever.

        A sex scandal would really give the primary a boost. But we have to go with what we got. The papers have been full of the Brannon trial and verdict but I don’t see much about staffers and lobbyists engaging in illicit sex.

        Was there a court case over the sex romp? What was the verdict?

        1. There is a difference from Clinton. This was a sex AND INFLUENCE scandal. Tilli$ staff was having sex with lobbyists. This wasn’t interns. It was people looking for favors out of Tilli$’ office. The fact that those involved were married is only a minor point. The key fact is that the sex as between high Tilli$ staffers and lobbyists.

          Of course when Tilli$ himself is little more than a rent boy for the $pecial interest$, maybe he just did not see the problem. He got campaign cash for screwing North Carolinians to service the special interests, while his staff were getting their rocks off servicing their lobbyists in another way. And what did that staff do for the lobbyists as a quid pro quo?

        2. So Coop concedes that Republicans and Democrats hold the same low standard for their candidates. All three examples cited, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Jesse Jackson not a very good comparison to Republican primary voters and the standards they hold for their candidates. The Tillis Sex Scandal and lobbyist influence pedeling in his apartment and office, ZipperGate, is an important and concerning issue to primary voters but you won’t see it in the papers yet. Its a real problem for Tillis that the campaign is trying hard to suppress. The papers want to fly cover for him and to carry him to the general and then unload on him on items not brought to the surface yet. Hopefully we won’t have to endure that and he’ll lose the primary definitively. There’s just too much there for them to work with in the liability candidate Tillis. Tillis is a sure bet for a Hagen victory in November he’s a real and present threat for Republican’s chance in November. A Brannon primary win would send Hagen home in November.

      2. Screwing the lobbyists or screwing your business investors? Which is more noble? Or which is more dastardly?

  5. Out of the 4 that have filed, and the 2 that haven’t yet, Thom is 7th on my list. Lynyard’s dog holds the 6th spot, but I haven’t heard his views as of this moment. Brannon is at the top.

  6. I hear there is a guy running that believes the constitution is the answer to our problems of an over reaching government. His name…Dr. Greg Brannon and he has my vote!

    Tillis = Progressive

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