Illegal Alien. Fence Jumper. Rio Grande swimmer. ID-deficient landscaper. potato. poh-tah-toe.

wallEver notice how news stories these days rarely mention the suspect’s race?  “Police urge residents to be on the lookout for two men in their 20s, about six feet tall, wearing dark clothing.”  In — say — a college town, that description would produce a real needle-in-a-haystack scenario. 

There is sooooooo much apprehension in the mainstream media these days about negatively affecting the self-esteem of criminal law breakers not of the caucasian persuasion.  

If we’re talking about a case of a white person committing a crime against a black person, we’re going to get hit in the face with race.  George Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic.”  Another recent Florida crime story that went national focused on “a white software developer” who “shot an unarmed black teenager.”  That’s much more specific than “two men in their 20s wearing dark clothing.”

Our friends Bob Lee Swagger and Agent Pierce like to talk about the whole ‘do-rag’ episode involving some of our drivebys here in North Carolina.  A suspect in a high-profile crime was described quite vaguely — with no mention of race.  But the media types did thrown in the fact that the suspect was “wearing a do-rag.” THAT might narrow down the pool of suspects a little. 

N&O executive editor John Drescher — owner and master of our “beloved” shih-tzu — penned a column today showing his concern about how the GAY ILLEGAL ALIEN running for student body president at Carolina was identified in the pages of his publication.  Drescher and the AP — and perhaps even Renee Ellmers — are very concerned about how the words “illegal” and “undocumented” might affect the self-esteem of those Rio Grande swimmers and fence-jumpers.  “Undocumented” works.  The gay illegal alien has no green card or visa or any other papers authorizing him to live in the United States and have access to government services.

You could make a case for the word “illegal.”  Look at how N&O reporter Jane Stancill told the GAY ILLEGAL’s story: 

After riding a cattle train through Mexico, Emilio Vicente, his mother and several others climbed under barbed wire at the Arizona border in 1997.

They had come from Guatemala, and Emilio, then 6, had no concept of the danger when the group entered the United States illegally. The journey, he said, was an adventure with a purpose.[…]

Sneaking under barbed wire, in any other circumstances, gets you shot or — at least — a trespassing charge.  In this case, it gets you lots of slobbering sympathy from lefties and their fans in the mainstream media.

So, this guy came here when he was SIX and is now enrolled in college.  He’s been here at least a dozen years.  He couldn’t find his way to an INS office in all that time? 

Marriage is no longer a big deal.  The state will take care of you and all of your babies. They are trying to minimize the importance of citizenship as well.  Conduct business in Spanish. Don’t secure the border or deport illegals.  Hand out social services checks to them just like you do for the natives. Government has got it covered.  The rest of you just need to shut up, keep working yourselves to death and paying those taxes. 

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  1. Pravda of the Breshnev era has come back to life as today’s Raleigh N&O. Oh, the Orwellian ”newspeak” ! ”Illegal alien” is the correct legal term, and ”foreign invader” would also fit, but they want to go Orwellian on us and call them ”undocumented immigrants”. I have even seen them called ”undocumented Americans” and ”undocumented citizens” by whack-a-doodle lefties. These people are NOT ”undocumented”. They generally have documents, but those documents say that they belong somewhere other than squatting in the USA. Or course many have false documents as a result of identity theft, but their real documents say they belong somewhere else. An ”immigrant” is someone who lawfully applies and is accepted by the appropriate authorities and given an immigrant visa. Calling those who thumb their nose at the law and sneak into our country an ”immigrant” is an insult to our real immigrants. And calling an illegal alien an ”undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an ”unlicensed pharmacist”, a rapist a ”non-consentual sex partner”, or a bank robbery an ”unauthorized withdrawal”.

    We also need to be very wary of the sellout politicians who pander to Mexican interests and to our own special interests who want to undercut American wages by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. In North Carolina, these pro-amnesty politicians in the GOP primaries who need to be defeated include Thom Tilli$, Renee Ellmers, and David Rouzer. The Republican Party national platform opposes any form of amnesty for illegal aliens. Until these renegades conform to the GOP platform, they do not deserve the votes of Republican voters, even in November, but the best bet to take them out in the primary so that we have real Republicans running as our nominees in November.

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