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Bailout? Um, sorry. (NO.)

  McClatchy makes a living out of communicating leftist propaganda and  mocking more than half of its pool of potential subscribers on a daily basis.  And they can’t — for the life of them — understands WHY their cash flow is down.     The…

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McClatchy pushes ‘fake news’ to woo investors amid its financial woes ???

  Two of the biggest drive-by stinkers in our state — The N&O and The Charlotte Observer — are owned by the McClatchy conglomerate.  Check out the latest word on what McClatchy is accused of:   It pays to lie. McClatchy, the newspaper chain and…

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McClatchy goes dumpster-diving over at IndyWeek

  Followers of all things NCGA know McClatchy’s Insider publication well.  It focuses quite a bit on the goings-on around Jones Street.  Pat Gannon did a great job over there covering the, um. “honorables.” Now that he’s moved over to the state board of elections,…

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Consolidation, layoffs at N&O, CharO: Time for the flat-line, last rites?

I keep getting hit with e-mails offering bargain basement deals for subscriptions to The Raleigh News & Observer.  The number of people I know who actually admit to reading the Charlotte or Raleigh papers on a daily basis seems to be dwindling by the day….

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‘The hard toll of easy guns’

*SIGH*. That’s the headline of the N&O op-ed that is being echoed and cheered by Blinkin’ Chris and his comrades at Goodmon, Inc. Rush Limbaugh used to have an “SUV update” parody segment, where he made fun of various drive-by reports that blamed actual automobiles…

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Illegal Alien. Fence Jumper. Rio Grande swimmer. ID-deficient landscaper. potato. poh-tah-toe.

Ever notice how news stories these days rarely mention the suspect’s race?  “Police urge residents to be on the lookout for two men in their 20s, about six feet tall, wearing dark clothing.”  In — say — a college town, that description would produce a…

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Binky & The Shih-Tzu: Keepin’ it (Un) Real

There have been some great comedic pairings throughout history  — Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello, The Smothers Brothers, and now John Frank & Mark Binker.  There is one real distinct difference between the first three pairs and the last one — the first three…

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McClatchy: Three greatest political figures mostly lefties, ALL FOREIGNERS

      Rob Christensen — a/k/a “Mr Politics” or simply “McClatchy Rob” — offered his readers this weekend a history lesson that would move ANY common core-loving educrat to tears of joy: […] To be a great political figure of the age, in my…

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McClatchy now doing HR work for DHHS?

I’m generally not one to argue with scrutinizing the government bureaucracy.  However, it DOES tick me off when our lazy, shiftless legacy media monopoly runs all of these “horror stories” about a Republican administration in Raleigh when the same types of stories earned yawns while…

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Voting is HARD. (sigh)

McClatchy Rob is just beside himself.  According to his headline today, college students are going to have to work harder.  (To vote, that is.)  *Apparently, working harder is a bad thing, these days.* I realize that Rob is about a decade or two older than…