Consolidation, layoffs at N&O, CharO: Time for the flat-line, last rites?

I keep getting hit with e-mails offering bargain basement deals for subscriptions to The Raleigh News & Observer.  The number of people I know who actually admit to reading the Charlotte or Raleigh papers on a daily basis seems to be dwindling by the day.   And then we see THIS:


Hmmm.  Less actual hard copy.  And then we get THIS: 



And then we find about THIS, presented as a sensible business move (while really looking more like a move to slow the bleeding).  The parent company of those two journalistic masterpieces is cutting staff and piling up the workload onto the poor souls still left on the payroll.

*I wonder how long it will be before we start getting the demands for a 2008-style ‘Too Big To Fail’ bailout? *    So, congrats McClatchy customers. You’re getting even less for your money.  A new emphasis on QUANTITY over QUALITY.  A whole lot more mass-produced, whitebread AP-caliber copy.

In an age of lower-cost or even FREE alternatives on The Internet, it’s only a matter of time before these people finally get what’s coming to them for aeons of bias and contempt for their readers.   But, hey, looks like you’ll have Colon Campbell’s scribblings about all things transgendered and porcelain until the bitter end.  Where else is he going to go?  I mean, who else would PAY someone for that nonsense?

5 thoughts on “Consolidation, layoffs at N&O, CharO: Time for the flat-line, last rites?

  1. Amen. Amen. Amen, Brother Brant! Preach it. These sinners have not repented now the time of judgment is upon them.

  2. Simple economics. Supply and demand. No demand for their liberal swill so they must keep cutting back. Thankfully, soon they should go the way of the horse and buggy.

  3. The only thing that keeps bad press like the N&O and WRAL-TV going is the advertising. Most businessmen don’t care, taking the easiest way to get the word out.
    Words frpm satisfied customers will go much further than paid advertising but, its harder to measure.

  4. I was delighted to see the recent layoffs at NYT and WaPo. These are BETTER STILL. “Don’t let the screen door hitcha where the Good Lawd splitcha.”

    May they ALL get just what they deserve.

  5. This is just what those rags deserve. I guess they will be clueless to the end. You think they would maybe do some serious introspection to see what the core reason they are failing is. I know the internet has taken a lot of their customers, but why would they not go a bit deeper to see what the customers want. If these rags just made some attempts to provide fair unbiased reporting things could turn around. I guess all the j-school propaganda classes have just made them blind to their bias.

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