“Republicans For Clinton” endorses Richard Burr

Yep.  You read that right.


*Stability.*  That’s code for keeping things AS-IS for the clique running the place.

burrI looked into this crowd, and they are for real.  For the most part, it looks like a lot of disgruntled Romney, McCain and Bush cronies.  *You know, all of those people we conservatives were told to suck it up and get behind no matter what.

(By the way, Burr’s consultant was musing not too long ago about this very same ticket-splitting scenario.)

Some of the folks involved here are surprising and a little disappointing — like Charles Fried and Ken Adelman.  They were both good soldiers during the Reagan Administration.  But, they’ve STAYED in Washington and have become creatures of that town.

HOW can ANOTHER Clinton administration be “good” for the GOP?  As far as I am concerned, the GOP means NOTHING.  The country is what I am worried about.  The excesses of the state are what I am worried about.  We survived the rise and fall of The Whigs.  We’ll survive the fall of the GOPe. Hillary-Clinton-hereicome

Burr and Clinton.  If you consider (1) the aiding and abetting of DC’s budget-busting, tax-and-spend ways, (2) the enabling of the introduction and expansion of ObamaCare, (3) the support for leftist federal judges, and (4) The Clinton Foundation and Burr’s lobbyist brother-in-law, and (5) the unrelenting attacks on our privacy from government snooping, there REALLY is not a lot of difference between Tricky Dick and President Pantsuit Pneumonia.  They’re a match made in heaven HELL.


16 thoughts on ““Republicans For Clinton” endorses Richard Burr

  1. Talk about party disloyality!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that is to grassroots Republicans. I to am more worried about the country.

    Browny Douglas

  2. If Burr does not disavow this by sundown today he will wake up tomorrow a marked man. I thought his sheepish mention of Trump at the NC convention might be another indication of his crossover to the dark side. Hope it proves untrue.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Burr has steadily betrayed North Carolina Republicans over the years and we’ve never really called him out for it and that’s our fault. But until recently, many of us hadn’t caught on that the NCGOP is staffed and run by non-conservatives whose purpose was to shield Republican officeholders from accountability to the Party rank-and-file.

      1. Early in his second term, just after Burr made his sharp turn to the left, three GOP Congressional District organizations adopted either resolutions or letters of rebuke against him censuring Burr for his first wave of liberal votes. Two of those were unanimous, and the other overwhelming. Burr paid no attention. He had already decided to forget North Carolina and only listen to the Washington insiders.

        Many of the straw polls that were done at GOP events at the local level around the primary had Burr losing to his third string challengers among GOP activists. The grassroots has had a belly full of him.

        1. In my comment I meant to mention that Thom Tillis will not get my vote again either. He is a Burr understudy. I wish the people of NC would force their representatives to give us the power to call for a recall of Senators and anyone else who betrays us. At this time, we have no provision for recall of elected officials, at least at the state level. That needs to change.

      2. Amen, and thank you. Burr has become one of the biggest RINO’s. Senate Conservatives Fund, which is the good Republican Senators, is well worth your financial support. The Republican Party is not. I left the GOP after 40+ years when the House gave RINO globalist Paul Ryan the Speaker role. I couldn’t stomach this crap anymore about pretending to fight Obama’s agenda until it became time to act afraid of the next threat of a government shutdown. Then they just pass a Continuing Resolution and give the usurper globalist sock puppet everything he wants.

        I will not vote for Burr’s opponent, but I will also not vote for him this time. He has become a real danger to our freedoms, and speaks out of both sides of his mouth

  3. This treason by the Romney-Bush establishment is going to blow up in Burr’s face. The sad fact is that the GOP Establishment is effectively destroying the entire NC GOP ticket–not just Burr. November is going to be a tragedy for the NC GOP. The elites hate and despise the GOP’s conservative base and have totally disillusioned them.

  4. .I can see a liberal voting for Clinton and Burr. Clinton is extreme left and Burr moderate left. They are somewhat compatible.

    For conservatives, we have Trump who while not a conservative on everything, is probably more so on more issues than most of our recent nominees. So as a conservative, we can at least keep our fingers crossed with him. Where it becomes difficult is in the Senate race, where we have two liberals. So for conservatives, the selection seems to be Trump for President and Abstain for the Senate vote. Neither of the Senate choices would be consistent with a Trump vote for president.

    In the past, we considered holding our noses for crappy establishment GOP Senate candidates just to get a Senate GOP majority, but when we see that Senate majority enabling Obama instead of fighting him, what use is that majority under the McConnell leadership? Mitch McConnell seems to be Harry Reid in drag. It is hard to tell the difference when it comes to policy. So, worrying about the majority is no longer a big deal given what McConnell has done with that majority.

    We are going to have a liberal Senator for the next six years. There is an argument that it is better to have the Democrats to blame for the horrible voting record NC’s Senator is sure to have than having people blame the Republicans if it is Burr doing the horrible voting. We will get enough blame for Tillis’ crappy voting.

  5. An independent movement, not another political party is the correct step. Just check the growth in ” unaffiliated” voter registrations to get a feel for the future. By the way, what happened to that ” conservative” PAC that was to begin in NC?

    1. Has your independent movement accomplished ANYTHING toward electing conservatives? Do they provide any infrastructure for conservative campaigns? Until they do, your independent movement is simply a bridge to nowhere. It may make you feel good, but it does nothing but help the left win, and that includes the GOP left as well as the Dimocrat left.

      Give me one solid example of ANYTHING it has accomplished toward electing conservatives!

      On the other hand conservative organizations working to elect conservatives through GOP primaries, DO have success stories, organizations like:




      We need to elect conservatives, not just feel good. We need to beat the establishment.

  6. Just remember if Hillary is President and the Democrats pick up 4 Senate seats including Burr there goes the Supreme Court. And it will be for years to come. Concerned about the Country, Taxes, Terrorism, Law and Order, the Economy and Jobs. Like it or Not we have no choice but voting for Trump.
    We need both House, Senate and President and two years to turn this country around, restore common sense, fiscal sanity. We do Not need Nancy Pellosi, Chuck Schumer and Hillary running this country.

  7. Vote Trump and Burr. Clinton has violated all national security rules, should not get a pardon from a complicit Obama and belongs in an Orange striped jump suit.

  8. Time for Burr to go. Also Mc Connell. We have institute convention of states to hopefully right this mess. Personally I left the GOP decades ago. Time go get some common sense if we have any hope to save this nation

  9. You may as well change your party affiliation if you pull that ticket…. sad state of affairs… no party loyalty whatsoever. Sour grapes & total disregard for the majority’s opinion.
    Take your ball & go home……

  10. I think I am going to go the other way. Trump/Haugh(or Ross). I might even consider that whacko Ross just to get Dick out of the Senate. I doubt we can do much worse as he already votes her way anyhow.

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