#NCSEN: Rantin’ Robin passes the plate for Rev. Harris. (Lt. Dan & His Team leaning toward Harris?)






A friend and frequent reader of this site passed along this email tidbit:


Boy, this pitch from ol’ Robin is a lot more pleasant and diplomatic than the one he made in Tampa during the RNC convention.  The “full support” line is kind of interesting.  The most recent campaign finance filings show not one red cent from anyone named Hayes in the Harris campaign treasury.  Let’s see what the year-end report reveals. 

Other than the discussion on Common Core, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest has been laying kind of low on controversial matters.  Yet, I have been noticing some key figures from his 2012 election campaign speaking very highly of Rev. Mark Harris in recent months.  Democrat consultant Brad Crone brought things to the fore this weekend on NC Spin when he announced that the LT’s political organization is lining up behind Harris  — and that this fact was one of many key pieces of evidence people should consider in taking Harris very, very seriously.  (I had been hearing similar things from politicos on both sides of the aisle.)


4 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Rantin’ Robin passes the plate for Rev. Harris. (Lt. Dan & His Team leaning toward Harris?)

  1. How could any conservative, grassroots, principled, or North Carolinian Republican in general give any credibility to Robin Hayes after his betrayal of North Carolina at the last Republican National Convention? If this bought Honorable Twerp is involved, you just know the Devil is in it.

    The behavior of Hon. Robin and others is a dead giveaway that the Tillis people are very worried about candidate Greg Brannon. For example, anyone in range of one of Henry Hinton’s Down East radio stations is being bombarded by a constant barrage of pro-Tillis “talk” and negative Brannon quips. But, follow the money and favors. Hinton is a contributor to Tillis and is a recipient of Tillis favors such as his appointment to the UNC Board of Governors. This symbiotic relationship gets Tillis lots of what amounts to free radio ads.

    Get ready folks. This Senate primary is the battle royal for the soul of the North Carolina Republican Party. If Tillis bargains, spends, and tricks his way through this primary, the party is dead in our state. If Brannon wins, Patriots get to battle the Establishment Democrat for the future of our country.

    1. Henry Hinton is bought and paid for, with the Board of Governors appointment. He has prostituted himself to Tilli$.

      Robin Hayes is a member of the liberal Rippon Society, so I do not see how any conservative should given credence to anything he says or does.

      As state GOP chairman, Robin Hayes manipulated the NCGOP convention schedule to favor Tilli$ over Brannon, giving Tilli$ a prime speaking slot just before the election of the chairman when attendance would be highest, while Brannon got a much less desirable slot on the opening day when attendance would be half or less of Tilli$’ slot. Brannon’s slot was designated ”Candidate remarks” while that of Tilli$ was ”Remarks by Our Candidates”. Even the liberal Charlotte Observer noted the blatant favoritism in that scheduling.

      Of course, Claude Pope has followed in Hayes’ footsteps in party favoritism to Tilli$. Since Tilli$ has scheduled a House GOP caucus meeting at the same location as the Hall of Fame dinner and just before it, Tilli$ packed the attendance for the the straw vote and was certain to the first. Those present, looking at political buttons and stickers could see that Brannon would be a strong second. I have seen lots of straw poll result releases, and every one I have ever seen released the results of ALL candidates. Pope’s NCGOP, however, ONLY released that of Tilli$. This is again, extremely blatant favoritism by NCGOP. I have also been told that there were not observers present for all the candidates as to the count, and the thumb might have also been put on the scales.

      NCGOP behaves like that and they still whine about county level endorsements of Brannon?

      1. County parties should all respond by voting for their own Senate preferences to endorse for the party’s candidate in the general election. Or perhaps they could just say yassah massah and just do as they’re told. As for me, it’s Brannon or nothing in this one. I’ve held my nose against the putrid smell at election time for the last time.

        1. Personally, I could probably vote for any of the other four besides Tilli$, but Brannon is the best conservative and in the best position to beat Hagan. An industrial strength gas mask is not enough to ward off the putrid stench of Tilli$.

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