WRAL: NC state House speaker Thom Tillis owns a business. Located in SC. (Incorporated in FLA.)





State House speaker and Senate candidate Thom Tillis likes to talk about what the General Assembly — under his leadership — has done to improve the business climate in the Tar Heel State.  Yet — according to some research by WRAL — Tillis is an “owner” in PDQ Ft. Mill, LLC.  

The LLC — established in 2010 — does not appear on Tillis’ 2011 financial disclosure form.

(But Aquesta Bank DOES. Tillis supporters claim the speaker is merely a shareholder in this publicly-traded bank.  But, on his own form that he signed, Tillis identifies the bank as a “non-public” company. ) 

The firm appears to be a franchisor or franchisee for the PDQ fast food chain.   Granted, Ft. Mill, South Carolina is a stone’s throw from Charlotte.  But it is in the Palmetto State.  And Tillis is one of the top elected officials in the Tar Heel State. A search of the NC Secretary of State’s web site finds no incorporation information for PDQ Ft. Mill, LLC in North Carolina.  However, a search of the South Carolina secretary of state’s site finds PDQ Ft. Mill, LLC to be a foreign entity incorporated in the state of Florida — which has NO state income tax. (No state income tax.  Wouldn’t that be nice, fellow Tar Heels?)

In South Carolina, the corporate tax  is 5 percent.  The tax rate in North Carolina is 6.9 percent.

During this year’s tax reform debate in the General Assembly, Tillis and his House leadership team pushed a much less-aggressive approach to taxes than the Senate did.

3 thoughts on “WRAL: NC state House speaker Thom Tillis owns a business. Located in SC. (Incorporated in FLA.)

    1. One might also ask themselves about the fact that Jim Rogers, Duke Energy CEO & pronounced Obama supporter (who authorized a $10 million “loan” in order to bring the DNC to NC in 2012) – heavily donates & fundraises for Thom Tillis, and how this relates to the fact that Duke energy has been approved by the state of North Carolina for several astronomical rate increases over the course of the last few years. What is the average resident to do, when Duke has been granted monopoly status under the condition that the state government must “approve” any rate increases, and then they approve astronomical increases? When Roy Cooper is more interested in looking out for the interests of the average resident than the Republican (Tillis)-controlled legislature… we are REALLY screwed if this man gets into the position of setting federal policies!

  1. Maybe Tilli$ put his business in South Carolina to avoid the renewable energy mandate he champions in North Carolina that raises the electric rates for North Carolina businesses and consumers. Of course, Tilli$ is part owner of an NC bank that invests in and profits from the crony capitalists producing that expensive green energy. Tilli$ is all for the special interests and cares nothing for the average Joe on the street.

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