#NCSEN: Baptist Church, Harris campaign intersect. (NO Robin Hayes money?)






We took a look at Thom Tillis’s money in a previous post.  Now, let’s look at the financial doings of Charlotte pastor-turned-candidate Mark Harris. (Click graphic below to enlarge.)


Two things that jump out at me: (1) multiple intersections of the campaign and Baptist organizations, and (2) the lack of ANY financial investment from anyone named HAYES.  Former congressman, legislator, and state party chairman Robin Hayes has been a big booster of Harris.  Hayes is a multi-millionaire, as well as  a member of one of the state’s wealthiest families. He is also the Harris campaign’s chairman.  Yet, according to FEC documents  — through September 30 of this year — Robin Hayes had not donated ONE DIME to the Mark Harris campaign. Harris, himself, has publicly stated that he connected with Hayes officially during the period covered by this FEC report. 

It’s also interesting to see how many times Baptist organizations pop up in the Harris financial report.  THAT has got to be creating some discomfort among parishioners. Believe it or not, there is a good chance that some Democrats are sitting in the sanctuary with you on Sunday morning.  Even folks supporting other Republicans.

In July and September, the Harris campaign paid First Baptist Church — Harris’ church — for printing and catering.  In August and September, the campaign paid “rent” to The Metrolina Baptist Association.



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  1. Too bad there is no formatting in comments. Or maybe I should say thankfully there is no formatting in the comments. I know it’s not much of a story, but seriously, do you need all caps, bold, underlines, and italics?

  2. Must be a very slow news time for you as there is not too much of a story here! Maybe next time write about paint drying as that could be more interesting.

    1. Actually this story may in fact be one of the most important and telling stories posted on this site. Ever. A teachable moment. Hopefully it will be widely distributed.

      The (NC)GOP has to continue to sell the idea to the usual GOP followers that (the GOP) is the party of choice for people of faith when in fact they are not. It’s simply a marketing effort to keep the scam alive to flatter the preacher into the race Harris is no more than window dressing, a prop, in the GOP’s storefront to help market the lie.

      Whether Harris is a willing participant in a scam, only he a few others know.

      One would hope that he would have more character than to knowingly participate. Does he have enough political experience than to know when he’s being played?

      There does not however appear to be a very credible effort on his part to distinguish himself apart from the other candidates. When his campaign manager, a former GOP establishment candidate and insider, doesn’t believe in his own candidate enough to write a check, this is telling and the truth begins to unravel and bubble to the top.

      It is now acknowledged in most circles of people who are paying attention that the establishment’s candidate (Tillis) was recruited by the the former nc speaker, a Democrat who went to prison for his part in pay to play politics.

      A closer evaluation of the GOP establishment would likely reveal that they are no different than their Democrat counterparts in the business of misleading the public, corruption, and pay to play politics.

      If the GOP is using a preacher in this way, to further the cause of the establishment candidate Tillis, are they any better than their Democrat counterparts? Is Harris a prop in the GOP’s storefront?

      Thanks to the writer of this story to help educate and inform. This may be one of the most telling and teachable moments posted on this site.

      1. I just read this and the below from your website.

        If this is true, this is absolutely sick that the GOP is using a politically naive Baptist minister to bolster a victory for the Jim Black/Richard Morgan/Paul Shumaker candidate in Tillis. Absolutely sick. The public ought to hunt down these scumbags and call them out. Every member of the GOP should be incensed and demand that Tillis withdraw from the race immediately. Using an innocent Baptist minister who knows no better. Really? What scumbags! These are bad bad people, very bad.

        When Mark met Robin: Preacher / candidate in his own words


        October 5, 2013 at 12:08 pm

        Didn’t Paul Newby use Paul Shumaker as his consultant in his last court race? Paul Shumaker is Tillis’ consultant. Maybe that is the Tillis connection in all of this.

        Shumaker was also the consultant who cut the rotten and corrupt deal between Richard Morgan and Jim Black.

  3. may be the Baby Jesus told Hayes that Harris was a fraud, and he should keep Grandpappy Cannon’s money in his pocket

  4. It’s obvious that Hayes is playing strategy wonk for Tillis. Split Brannon’s voters with phony support of Harris and Till is a shoe-in. Let’s not forget that Hayes is the one who lied to his constituents the morning of the CAFTA vote when he said he would never vote for another job-killing free trade bill and then changed his vote to make sure it would pass later that night. Tillis is desperate to serve his GOP masters and Hayes will make every effort to make sure he gets his wish.

    1. Why Harris? Why someone who appears to be able to take a lot of votes from Tillis in the Charlotte area? Doesn’t make sense.

  5. The absence of Hayes from the contributor list is very glaring. Hayes is not putting his money where his mouth is. Is his heart also not where his mouth is? Is he playing Harris for a sucker for Tilli$’ benefit? One has to remember that Hayes is VERY thick with anti-conservative goomba and Tilli$ supporter Karl Rove. Hayes has been around politics long enough to know the impact of early money, yet he has not exercised his checkbook.

  6. Harris will lose the primary, which is a forgone conclusion that he will lose and deny Dr. Greg Brannon, the consevative candidate, a victory in the primary. Hayes knows it. The insiders know it that are influencing/pesuading Harris to stay in the race who are really working for the evil Thom Tillis. After Harris loses, where will the hard earned remaining campaign dollars leftover in the Harris campaign go that were given in good faith from the people that wanted a “gospel gun” be the next U.S. Senator from North Carolina? You got it, over to the evil old Thom Tillis campaign under under the guise from the party we must work together, have unity, and band together to beat the evil Kay Hagan in November. Official word from the party: So sorry the good preacher didn’t win, but let’s put that ruse behind us now and fight for victory against the evil Kay Hagan in November. So people giving money to Harris may likely end up financing the equally, to the Democrat candidate, evil old Thom Tillis’ campaign. A dollar given to Harris is really a dollar given to assure Kay Hagan victory in November. Could someone talk to Harris about withdrawing from a race designed for him to lose?

    That’s How It Works.

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