#NCSEN: DC GOP establishment going $$$ ALL IN $$$ for Theam Tilli$

chpsHouse Speaker — and US Senate candidate — Thom Tillis and his team are bending over backwards to avoid the “establishment” label, but a cursory examination of Tillis campaign records suggest that the GOP establishment is betting it all on the Cornelius Republican. 

Establishment bogey-man Karl Rove recently completed a fundraising triple-play for Tillis.

The more interesting information on the report was the cash from DC GOP players:  $10,000 from The Freedom Project, a leadership PAC controlled by US House Speaker John Boehner; $5000 from The Bluegrass Committee, a leadership PAC controlled by US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY);  $5000 from The Rock City PAC, a  leadership PAC controlled by US Senator Bob Corker (R-TN);  $1000 from The 21st Century Majority Fund, a leadership PAC controlled by US Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA); The Common Values PAC, a  leadership PAC controlled by US Senator John Barrasso (R-WY).   We’ve posted previously on leadership PACs. 

The Tillis for Senate campaign report indicates donations from the campaign committees of Jones Street players like Tim Moffitt, Leo Daughtry, Jimmy Dixon, Austin Allran, Jeff Tarte, Tim Moore, Pat Hurley and Pat McElraft.  (Hickory City Councilman Brad Lail’s campaign committee also tossed in a contribution.) 

There were also some refunds of note.  Leo Daughtry’s campaign committee got $2000.   Scott Shook of Greenville was refunded a $500 contribution in June.  In August, Shook’s appointment to the state board of community colleges was announced.     The report also shows a refund in August of a $7800 contribution from Anthony J. Cupisz of Birmingham MI. 

2 thoughts on “#NCSEN: DC GOP establishment going $$$ ALL IN $$$ for Theam Tilli$

  1. I like looking at the FEC reports of Federal candidates and state reports of Local Candidates. A candidates ability to raise $ is a clear sign of the message that the base is buying or selling. Yes you focused on PAC money all good But you need to look at # on Donors, and Average Donation amount.

    Cash on hand is key as well.
    REV. Harris with 4 months in $90,000 on hand with a $128,000 Gross donations (105 Donors)
    DR. Brannon $105,000 On hand with a $ 273,000 Gross in 9 months (362 Donors)
    Tillis $838,000 on hand with over 1,000,000 gross in 4 months (662 Donors)
    From 9/30/13 reports

    this race is far from over. The winner will be the one who raises the most money from the base in the primary. This will be fun to watch. I will 10000% support the winner of the Primary to defeat Kay Hagan.

    1. You are not much of a ”RINO hunter” if you would be 10000% behind super-RINO Thom Tillis if he should win the primary. Tillis got into politics as an anti-conservative RINO ally of Richard Morgan, the biggest RINO we have ever seen in North Carolina, and the only one to have been formally kicked out of the Republican Party. Tilli$has always been an anti-conservative RINO. The major difference between Tilli$and Hagan is that one wears a skirt and the other doesn’t (that we know of).

      You are also not very smart about politics if you think the winner is the one who raises the most money. Ask ”Senator” Dewhurst, for example, about that one!

      Tilli$ prostitutes himself to special interest groups, and those special interest groups and their lackeys give him money. Special interest groups and the party base are two very different things. For example the special interests who give Tilli$ money due to his support of green energy boondoggles would be very much at odds with the party base, as would the special interests who give Tilli$ money due to his support of illegal aliens, including drivers licenses for illegal aliens and gutting e-Verify requirements in North Carolina.

      You are clearly not the ”RINO hunter” who posts on another NC political site, as that RINO hunter posts a very different take on Tilli$

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