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Digging a little deeper inside the faculty lounge at UNC

What’s that smell, you ask?  Why it’s the patchouli-and-granola Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd  stinking up Jones Street and tying up police officers’ valuable time –– comparing themselves to MLK and protesting “draconian cuts” to public education. We wrote earlier about one of the rabble-rousers at the…

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Kudos to McCrory for shunning identity politics

There are quite a few cases where the new GOP administration in Raleigh has given me heartburn.  But the fact that they are standing strong against the lefties and their identity politics games is encouraging. The lefties went bonkers over the decision of the McCrory…

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(WHAT academic freedom?) : Lefties celebrate the fall of the Speaker Ban

            The Speaker Ban After 50 Years — The legislature at its Worst?  That’s the headline slapped on top of the latest missive from Rob Christensen, McClatchy-Raleigh’s “Mr. Politics”: It was one of the most infamous acts of the legislature…

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Lefties LOSE IT over Senator Tillman’s charter school proposal

  It’s absolutely refreshing to hear an elected official championing the supremacy of the free market over the iron-fist of the bureaucracy.  Legislation introduced by state Senator Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) seeks to enhance innovation within public education and diminish the influence of the education establishment….

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McCrory vs. UNC: Opening a Pandora’s box, inviting lefty jihad?

      (No, lefty jihad is not an old basketball coach.)  Gov. Pat  has trained both barrels on the public education establishment — specifically those folks within the UNC system.  The Captain of Team Charlotte™ believes that universities have allowed themselves to be hijacked…

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Public education’s solution for boosting graduation rate: Lower the standards

        The edu-crats at Moore County Public Schools have outdone themselves again — putting forth a rather questionable bit of innovation: Struggling students may soon have another path to graduation that takes into account personal hardship, says one Moore County school official….

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NC Campaign 2012: Don’t cry for the edu-crats

During the debate over the 2011 state budget, we heard a lot of screaming, crying, moaning and complaining from Democrats and their NCAE allies about alleged draconian budget cuts.  The new Republican majority was responsible for teachers being fired or laid off.  The cuts to…

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retired teacher: no vote for felons, making people show ID at polls = GOP tiptoeing toward fascism

      If you’ve ever wondered why your kids come home from school spouting leftist nonsense that runs afoul of your family’s values and teachings, a letter from a retired social studies teacher to our thrice-weekly local paper here in Moore County explains A…

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Screaming, pro-Obama teacher in NC keeps her job

              A Salisbury high school teacher who made national headlines — thanks to a video showing her screaming at a student for criticizing Barack Hussein Obama — is holding on to her job for another year: The North Rowan…

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Readin’, ‘Ritin & Queer Theory: Just because it happens at school, doesn’t mean it deserves tax dollars

          For all of you folks hollering about the education cuts in Raleigh, take a look at what DID get funded by the state at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law:   Critical Legal Thought/Critical Lawyering Course Number: Law 464 Hours:…