UNC’s “Hate speech on the Right” course

That’s right.  As they moan about “cuts” and deal with NCAA probes, the folks at The Friday Center are finding even more new and creative liberalpublicschoolsways to lighten your wallet and pollute your kids’ brains.

if you thought the AFAM scam with the football and basketball players was bad, get a load of this:

 The University of North Carolina offers a communications course about the dangers of hate speech, which the course’s professor openly blames on the political right.

The class, titled “Hate Speech” and designated by the course number COMM 624, is taught by Dr. Michael S. Waltman, who has written and co-authored several books about hate speech, including The Communication of Hate, which “examines the strategic manipulation of hatred in [Americans’] everyday lives by politicians, political operatives, and media personalities.”

According to the course catalog, the class was designed “to expose students to the nature of hate in American life . . . [that] is sustained through the imposition of racist, sexist, and heterosexist ideologies that privilege Whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality.”

*Wow. Acing this class really ought to impress some potential employers, huh?* MORE: 

The description states that hate may “be resisted through communication” involving respect and tolerance, a term the course adopted from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Students are taught how to recognize hate so that “knowledge of the essence of hate will place students in a position to fight hate when they encounter it in their own lives.”school

This might have come in handy for those folks who got their asses kicked by mobs of radical leftists for simply being white and attending a Donald Trump speech.  MORE: 

[…] UNC’s Undergraduate Student Services confirmed to Campus Reform that the class has been listed on the course catalog since the spring of 2010, but may have been offered before then, since the university switched to a new online cataloging system at the start of that year. Waltman also taught an “Honors Hate Speech” course in 2008.[…] 

Honors Hate Speech ?????   (Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR tax dollars at work!)  MORE: 

[…] UNC offers the class exclusively at its flagship Chapel Hill campus, offering one section during the spring semester of every year that is open to students of all majors. The class is not mandatory for students in any discipline, but does fulfill a course requirement for students taking certain concentrations.[…] 

*Not mandatory ????  What the hell?  That – that -that -that’s, um …  (racist?).*   MORE: 

[…] Waltman’s most recent book, Hate Speech on the Right, explores various examples of hate speech allegedly delivered by the political right. Published in 2014, the book focuses on “right-wing extremism” in films and novels, such as White Apocalypse and Atlas Shrugged, as well as within advocacy organizations like the National Rifle Association.download (6)

The book analyzes “whether much of the discourse on the political right . . . is hate speech” and claims that racist, political, Christian, and paramilitary right-wing groups use hate speech as “a common frame of reference when confronting social and political challenges.”

Dr. Waltman has been an associate professor at the University of North Carolina since 1992 and has garnered a number of awards for his articles and publications on hate speech and the political right, many of which focus on “white supremacist terrorism” and responding to hate from the right.

Online registrar records show that during the 2016 spring semester, the class enrolled 39 students and had five added to the wait-list. Undergraduate Student Services told Campus Reform that 31 students were enrolled the year before, explaining that although the class is technically capped at 30 students, Dr. Waltman maintains the discretion to make exceptions for additional students.


And this comes on the heels (pun intended)  of the nonsense over the “Chief Diversity Officer” at UNC system sister school Appalachian State University.  You have to ask: dog-pooWhere are our Republican governor, lieutenant governor, and legislators on stuff like this?

This is not scholarship.  This is political indoctrination paid for by US.  It’s brainwashing the next generation of Bernie Sanders acolytes.  Would discussion of the beat-downs in San Jose of Trump supporters be welcome in this jerk’s class? I doubt it.  *This guy and his comrades have the market cornered on peace, love, and understanding.*

Why have Jones and Blount Streets allowed the Boards of Governors and Trustees to be loaded up with cronies, Raleigh influence-peddlers, campaign contributors and various and sundry bored housewives, hangers-on and go-along, get-along types?  2010 and 2012 gave us historic opportunities to enact lasting change in North Carolina.  Yet, the governing bodies of our state universities — with not a conservative in sight — are allowing the same ol’ crap to fester on the campuses.  We keep paying the bill while these people on campus finish off the job of tearing down our society and lobotomizing our kids. 

13 thoughts on “UNC’s “Hate speech on the Right” course

  1. Milo Yiannopoulos can cure this but the Governor may have to call up the National Guard to protect him!

  2. What is badly needed at our universities is some balance. Freeze the hiring of liberal professors until there are an equal number of conservatives in departments where ideology matters.

  3. Here’s an even better suggestion: Quit voting for and contributing to these lying Republican legislators (led by Berger & Moore) and politicians like McCrory and Forrest who put their fat-cat buddies on these trustee boards. It’s obvious these lying Republicans intend to maintain and strengthen the radical liberal indoctrination at all the UNC schools, and their buddies on the trustee boards are just carrying the water for them. Despicable. Vote them all out of office!

    1. Dan Forest has overall been pretty good on policy. An exception was his support of the ripoff bond issue. No reason to vote him out.

      As to legislators, there are both good and bad. Generally, the Senate has been much more dependably conservative that the House, although there are both good and bad legislators both places. On university trustees, the real horror stories have come from the House, with Tillis selling seats for political contributions, and some really bizarre appointees under Moore, including the liberal Democrat activist that Nelson Dollar pushed successfully arguing ”He’s black and he’s been there before”. That was truly disgusting. While not perfect, the Senate appointees are much better than those from the House.

      Conservatives need to be careful which Republicans we give our money and support to, and we need to up our game in the primaries.

  4. Our problems in government indoctrination ( formerly public education),at all levels, lies not on campus but in our Legislature. This state needs a conservative movement to recruit and support conservative members of our legislature. We have some. We need more and waiting for them to emerge from the GOP ain’t getting it done.

    1. There are a number of Big Government Republican legislators, also known as Obama Republicans, who are on the general election ballot without Democrat opposition. They would seem to be prime targets for conservative independents. Liberal Jason Saine, with all of his baggage, is among them.

      All of you people who keep promoting registering Unaffiliated do not seem to be able to step up to the plate to produce independent conservative candidates and an infrastructure to support them to challenge any of these low hanging fruits.

      On the other hand, thanks to one of our bona fide conservative legislators, we do now have a conservative organization within the GOP to promote solid conservative candidates in primaries. They got off the ground in a big way in this year’s primaries, but I wish they had been around before filing time to recruit conservative candidates in a few more primaries.

      If we are going to elect a conservative legislature, which I agree that we badly need to do, the only viable way forward right now is through the conservative wing of the GOP.

  5. While I salute anyone’s efforts to promote conservative ideas within the GOP, only an independent movement will be successful. That a viable infrastructure with financial backing has been missing, is true but, continuing to pour resources and energy into the GOP rabbit hole will only perpetuate a small delegation of real conservatives. You simply have to take a hard look at the GOP’s history of corruption and betrayal and ask, How’s it working out for conservatives under the control of the Grand Old Party?

    1. Conservatives in Kansas were able to use the primary process to break establishment control of their legislature a few years ago and install conservatives instead. It can be done. Those promoting using the Unaffiliated line talk a good game but where’s the beef?

  6. It is truly bizarre that the Republican Party and the Obama Republicans in the General Assembly are allowing the radical left to solidify their control of UNC and indoctrinate our young people in cultural marxism.

  7. I talked to my state representative about this and he claims they appointed the wrong people to the Board of Governors and that he should not be blamed for this radical course. I refused to let him off the hook, because he voted for the “wrong people” on the Board of Governors. He got angry and said he would vote to fire them all if he could. Bottom line is he doesn’t accept responsibility and just wants to pass the buck! He is probably typical. You simply cannot trust Republicans.

    1. That’s the typical weasel talk I got out of my rep, too. A business-oriented lad, he’s impatient with these annoying social issues. He just doesn’t get that he’s very much out of step with the majority in his district.

  8. Does anyone know if there is a way that UNC’s trustees can be removed from office for gross malfeasance? Can the Board of Governors or the legislature remove them?

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