Moore County public education: Dissing Christians while promoting the gay agenda

 mcslogoSandhills Community College’s John Dempsey is not interested in adhering to state laws requiring separate restrooms for MEN and WOMEN.  Faculty and administrators at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines were cooing over a student protest against HB2.

Now, let’s compare and contrast that with what’s going on at North Moore High School at the other end of the county.  On May 21, the school hosted and funded a student production of “Love/Sick” — a play about the, um. *joys* of same sex romance.   The play is broken up into sub-plots which include:

[…]  Abbie is rummaging through her garage looking for something she’s lost: herself. She’s joined by her partner, Liz. As they search, what they discover is that the domestic arrangements they have made for sharing responsibilities for child care and work outside the home have actually divided them from each other and from themselves. In fact they have come to hate each other—sometimes, anyway. But as the search continues, Abbie rediscovers herself in Liz’s eyes, and with that discovery she realizes that she’s still in love. “We’ll figure this out, right?” she says, questioningly. For the moment, it seems as if they might.[…]

Okay.  So, THAT got the blessing of school and school system administrators.  Now let’s look at what makes school administrators get ants in their collective more

We heard from Dr. Neal Jackson, pastor at Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett.  In a written statement, he told us Moore County school officials have hit his church and a number of others in the area with restrictions on their interactions with North Moore High School students:

[…]  Beulah Baptist Church along with two other local churches were told that we could no longer do a volunteer attendance Bible Study during lunch hours at North Moore High School for fear of a lawsuit.

[…] Beulah Baptist Church along with several other local churches were told that if we continued to feed the various sports teams of North Moore High School before the games, in church facilities, as we have done many times that we would no longer be permitted to pray or give a devotion before the meal for fear of a lawsuit.

Interesting.  What in the hell gives the Moore County central office the right to mandate what goes on INSIDE a church facility? 

[…]  The softball coach at North Moore High School was told recently that he could not invite his players to his church revival because it could be deemed a requirement and result in a lawsuit.

[…]  The football coach at North Moore High School was told this past fall, that he could no longer pray at midfield with his players after the games because it could be deemed a violation of separation of church and state and result in a lawsuit.

[…]. The most recent graduation ceremony held last week at North Moore High School the student that led the prayer had to submit her prayer in written form for approval and after it was edited, and watered down, it was approved for her to pray.[…]


Soooooo — lesbian romance is OKAY, but saying grace before a meal is — NOT???

Dr. Jackson told us all of this stuff has been communicated to him via parents and students, and has been confirmed via conversations with school officials.

(Jackson also noted that his church has a special interest in the welfare of the kids at North Moore.  He guess-timates that roughly 10 percent of the student bHomer-Simpson-Wont-do-religion-in-Public-School-1024x712ody at that school is active in his congregation.) 

At what point do we stand up and say ENOUGH?   The school system is hammering home the message that two lesbians raising a kid is JUST LIKE all the REAL moms and dads out there.  Yet, they come down hard on saying grace before a meal provided by a church in a church facility.

At what point do we tell the lawyers to just SHOVE IT?  Here’s the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Neither Congress, nor anyone else, is making a law respecting an establishment of a religion here.  The lawyers and edu-crats ARE prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  They’re also abridging the freedom of speech. Cartman

By using school funds and facilities to put on a lesbian love play, Moore County Schools are no different than someone forcing pork on Muslims or making Jewish kids sing ‘Jesus loves me.’     Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn get banned to keep certain racial agitators from flipping out and inciting riots. The edu-crats get real sensitive in those cases.  And don’t even think about discussing something the Islamists find insulting.  But Christians and conservatives rarely riot, make threats, blow stuff up, or intimidate.  So, it’s easy to ignore them or stomp all over what they hold dear.

Imagine if the folks who marched for Civil Rights held back out of fear of what the KKK or the police might do.  Imagine if the American rebels backed off of revolting against England, out of concern of what might happen.  Imagine if the folks who brought Brown v. Board of Education to the Supreme Court backed off — concerned about how hard or expensive the legal battle might be.

Sometimes, you have to stand up against bullies.  And that’s what we have today on the left and among the secularists in government and the Ivory Tower.  Go against their agenda, and they will use their armies of non-profit lawyers to tie you up in court for eternity.

Our legal system was meant to be one where jurists compared contemporary laws anliberald regulations with the wording in The Constitution.  But it’s turned into legislating from the bench.  They found a “right to abortion” in the Fourth Amendment — which bars unlawful search and seizure of private property.  They’ve turned the First Amendment into something that pushes organized religion into the shadows..  The First Amendment, in part, was created to prevent another situation like what occurred in England.  The Church of England took de facto power in the country.  You didn’t question what the Church did.  You joined the church.  Go against the church’s practices, and you got arrested and sometimes executed as a heretic. The First Amendment was all about allowing Americans to freely practice their beliefs without fear of retaliation from the likes of The Church of England or ACLU jackals. 

I am not suggesting that we go the unlawful route that the left often takes (like at the San Jose Donald Trump rally). At some point though, average Americans need to push back.



24 thoughts on “Moore County public education: Dissing Christians while promoting the gay agenda

    1. This performance and production was solely chosen by the students. It was the senior production. They saw it at a state high school theater competition and wanted to do it for their senior show. No one’s rights were violated. They went to the school board themselves for approval, altered the context of the production, cut a LOT of content, and put on a spectacular closed performance for the theater department and their families. No one was forced to attend or be a part of it if they didn’t want to.

  1. Average Americans are fine with two consenting adults, of the same or opposite sex, being in a loving relationship. Average Americans who want to pray to their God can, and do, pray whenever they want to. Average Americans do not wait for some government or otherwise official to pray in a public setting.

  2. Yes, the world seems to be turning upside down, and not just in the US. Catholics in Italy were told to pray in silence – in church – so as not to offend Muslim North African migrants.

    Here at home, freedom of religion is under major attack by the far left, while any perversion known to man suddenly becomes something the far left wants to protect, no matter who it hurts.

    1. Perversion is as much, if not more on the Right side of the spectrum. The Right is fighting to make it easy for criminals to get firearms (no background checks at gun shows or online sales), the last President from the GOP and the current GOP candidate for President endorsing/promoting torture, the current GOP candidate advocating additional war crimes (killing the families of enemy combatants), etc.
      There are more Christian Churches in our country now than ever before. Religion is doing pretty well. What you seem upset about are very much outliers.

      1. It is law abiding citizens who buy their guns at gun shows. The criminals buy hot guns on the street. It is the law abiding citizens whom the Democrats want to take the guns from, and then we will be at the mercy of the criminals who will still get hot guns on the street. A member of the Democrat National Convention platform committee was just quoted as saying she did not believe Americans should be allowed to own guns. That was the exact policy of Hitler on Germans being able to own guns and Lenin on Russians being able to own guns.

          1. Then why did Jesus say…”If you do not own a sword, sell your clothes and buy one”.

          2. Hey Jan, it seems to me that actual scripture kinda gets in the way of the liberal narrative portraying Jesus as this pre-Marx communist prophet. Like constitutions, scripture tends to be a troubling inconvenience for liberals.

          3. You might look at context.
            35-38- Finally, Jesus spoke of the new situation. Formerly, when the Disciples had gone out, they had not lacked anything. Now they would need a purse, a bag and even a sword.
            The saying is heavily ironical, for Jesus knew that now He would have to face universal opposition and be put to death. But the disciples misunderstood Him and produced weapons. ‘That is enough’, said Jesus to end a conversation which they had failed to understand. The way of Jesus, as they should have known, was not the way of the sword, but of love.

        1. You’re right. Christians are clearly under attack. It would take a fool or a partisan propagandist to claim otherwise.

  3. What is happening to America and Moore County is a tragedy, but don’t forget that the entire Washington GOP Establishment petitioned the US Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage and Republican Justice Kennedy ordered it done. Don’t expect the Republican Party to take a stand for anything–in Washington or Moore County.

  4. So where is Dr Grimesey on this issue? Many of us heard him declare that he is a dedicated Christian. If that was so, surely he would not have condoned or sanctioned a play that deliberately portrays immorality as normal.

    We watch daily as the rights of Christians and Jews being deliberately silenced, ignored and mocked, but our Lord did say when He was found guilty by the ‘religious’ of His day, why are you surprised? Did not the authorities of His day crucify Him for calling all men (women too) out for repentance and a return to the Father ? And He warned, ‘ he that denies me, him will I deny in heaven. ‘ I pray the wiser heads and LEADERS of the Judeo/Christian community will get a backbone and end this total MISrepresentation of right and wrong. Souls depend on it!

    1. This production of this play did not include the scene that is mentioned in this blog. This play was severely cut down to 5 acts, and the dialogue was cut. It would have never met approval by the board if there had been anything questionable. What you see online is not what this performance represented. This reporter did not do his homework.

  5. The Archbishop of Westminster, head of the Catholic Church in the UK, warned that adoption of homosexual marriage in his country would lead to a greater repression of Catholics in the UK than even occurred under Henry VIII (when government seized most Catholic Church property and even executed Catholic priests). It looks like the process is moving quicker in the US than in the UK.

  6. (1) Jesus told his apostles that if they did not have a sword (dagger) they should sell their cloak and buy one. (Luke 22:36)

    (2) We are to not only practice our Christianity, but to preach it when commanded by the authorities NOT to preach it. (Acts chap. 4, crunch at verses 18-19)

    (3) Where is the tea party?
    (4) Where are the preachers?
    (5) Anyone like to join me in an “on the street” and “in front of the schoolhouse” and “at the School Board” protest?

    1. 35-38- Finally, Jesus spoke of the new situation. Formerly, when the Disciples had gone out, they had not lacked anything. Now they would need a purse, a bag and even a sword.
      The saying is heavily ironical, for Jesus knew that now He would have to face universal opposition and be put to death. But the disciples misunderstood Him and produced weapons. ‘That is enough’, said Jesus to end a conversation which they had failed to understand. The way of Jesus, as they should have known, was not the way of the sword, but of love.

  7. Most preachers are hiding behind their pulpits. Even if some of them believe the gospel, they certainly won’t defend it.

  8. Shame on you for not doing your homework first. This play did not even include that scene. The play at North Moore was BY Seniors FOR seniors and the theatre department,. It was not open to the public, and the student body did not attend. It was performed for the Theatre Department, and was chosen solely by the students. The Theatre director and the Principal made the students approach the school board for approval. The person who brought this to your attention did not even attend. I ATTENDED, and it was performed with maturity and grace. Many, MANY scenes were cut from this play, and if you had thought to get a final copy of the script that was used, you may think differently. No one is PROMOTING a homosexual lifestyle at this school, or any other in the county, but how can we teach our children tolerance of others who are different if we are going to condemn them ourselves. As Christians, we are taught to love one another, I will not judge anyone else because of their lifestyle. And the church involvement works both ways. I know of several students at NMHS who have no religious affiliation or beliefs, so are their rights being violated by having to eat at a church before a game? If there were Muslim or Hindu, or other students who wanted to voice their beliefs, would it be ok for them to have dinner at a Mosque, be called to pray to Allah? Quit being so close-minded!!! This is the reason people are turned off and stay away from churches like this. I am Christian, I try to live my life in a Godly manner, but I fall way short. I do, however teach my children that there are others out there in this large world who don’t believe the same things they do, or live the same way they live, or love the same way they love. I teach them not to hate or judge people by the disparity of their lifestyle choices. It is much easier to share one’s story about Jesus with a friend than an enemy. Any good reporter does research with the source before going to print. That obviously wasn’t so in this case. More zealous propaganda to rally against something that is good in our schools and community. Wake up people, this article only promotes hate. It is written to evoke a certain feeling against something that is not even going on in our community. Be careful of whom you rally around. And do you own homework and check facts before you act on the words of others.

    1. Promoting ”tolerance” is another way of saying that it promotes this as a normal acceptable ”lifestyle”. There is a very thin line between that and actually pumping it as a ”lifestyle”. This is particularly dangerous as a ”recruitment” tool to pull susceptible children into something that is not in their best interests. These stereotypes may well push children into something they are really not.

      I particularly think of the three girls I knew growing up who were ”tom boys” in early elementary years. They liked playing the sorts of things boys did, not playing with dolls with the other girls. This was just a phase. They were not ”transgender” as they would be in danger of being branded as today. They were certainly not budding lesbians. By seventh grade, they were all properly feminine and one was even a JV cheerleader. Two of them were at a class reunion, and were longtime married with children. The other one had moved away, but was listed with a husband (male) in the reunion program with the city and state she now lives in. I dread to think of what they would have become in today’s world with all the asinine leftwing stereotypes prevalent in today’s public schools.

      1. You clearly don’t have a good grip on reality. I was a tomboy. I caught frogs, played army, made mud pies, and did boy things. I also played with barbies. I have always liked boys. At no time did I “identify” as a boy. I had friends, looking back now, who were gay…from the beginning. They struggled with their feelings, both emotionally and physically, because it was not accepted in the early 80′ to be different. One of my girl friends tried to commit suicide, cried out for help so many times, and now I see why. She had nothing there in society to let her know that she was fine. There is not a vast conspiracy out there trying to recruit young children. It is not society’s job to tell a child what they are. It is up to the parents, many of whom are not involved today as they were years ago. I don’t believe anyone makes a “choice” to be gay. I never “chose” to be heterosexual, and most of the gay people I know would be different if they could. Sure, they can live a lie, and years from now destroy themselves, their loved ones, and the false sense of family they create by living the way a certain group thinks they should live. Hate the sin, not the sinner. If you don’t like public schools, homeschool your kids. There are a lot of things worse in this world than my children sitting next to a lesbian or someone with purple hair in school. They could be sitting next to someone like you.

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