Moore County public education: Dissing Christians while promoting the gay agenda

 mcslogoSandhills Community College’s John Dempsey is not interested in adhering to state laws requiring separate restrooms for MEN and WOMEN.  Faculty and administrators at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines were cooing over a student protest against HB2.

Now, let’s compare and contrast that with what’s going on at North Moore High School at the other end of the county.  On May 21, the school hosted and funded a student production of “Love/Sick” — a play about the, um. *joys* of same sex romance.   The play is broken up into sub-plots which include:

[…]  Abbie is rummaging through her garage looking for something she’s lost: herself. She’s joined by her partner, Liz. As they search, what they discover is that the domestic arrangements they have made for sharing responsibilities for child care and work outside the home have actually divided them from each other and from themselves. In fact they have come to hate each other—sometimes, anyway. But as the search continues, Abbie rediscovers herself in Liz’s eyes, and with that discovery she realizes that she’s still in love. “We’ll figure this out, right?” she says, questioningly. For the moment, it seems as if they might.[…]

Okay.  So, THAT got the blessing of school and school system administrators.  Now let’s look at what makes school administrators get ants in their collective more

We heard from Dr. Neal Jackson, pastor at Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett.  In a written statement, he told us Moore County school officials have hit his church and a number of others in the area with restrictions on their interactions with North Moore High School students:

[…]  Beulah Baptist Church along with two other local churches were told that we could no longer do a volunteer attendance Bible Study during lunch hours at North Moore High School for fear of a lawsuit.

[…] Beulah Baptist Church along with several other local churches were told that if we continued to feed the various sports teams of North Moore High School before the games, in church facilities, as we have done many times that we would no longer be permitted to pray or give a devotion before the meal for fear of a lawsuit.

Interesting.  What in the hell gives the Moore County central office the right to mandate what goes on INSIDE a church facility? 

[…]  The softball coach at North Moore High School was told recently that he could not invite his players to his church revival because it could be deemed a requirement and result in a lawsuit.

[…]  The football coach at North Moore High School was told this past fall, that he could no longer pray at midfield with his players after the games because it could be deemed a violation of separation of church and state and result in a lawsuit.

[…]. The most recent graduation ceremony held last week at North Moore High School the student that led the prayer had to submit her prayer in written form for approval and after it was edited, and watered down, it was approved for her to pray.[…]


Soooooo — lesbian romance is OKAY, but saying grace before a meal is — NOT???

Dr. Jackson told us all of this stuff has been communicated to him via parents and students, and has been confirmed via conversations with school officials.

(Jackson also noted that his church has a special interest in the welfare of the kids at North Moore.  He guess-timates that roughly 10 percent of the student bHomer-Simpson-Wont-do-religion-in-Public-School-1024x712ody at that school is active in his congregation.) 

At what point do we stand up and say ENOUGH?   The school system is hammering home the message that two lesbians raising a kid is JUST LIKE all the REAL moms and dads out there.  Yet, they come down hard on saying grace before a meal provided by a church in a church facility.

At what point do we tell the lawyers to just SHOVE IT?  Here’s the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Neither Congress, nor anyone else, is making a law respecting an establishment of a religion here.  The lawyers and edu-crats ARE prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  They’re also abridging the freedom of speech. Cartman

By using school funds and facilities to put on a lesbian love play, Moore County Schools are no different than someone forcing pork on Muslims or making Jewish kids sing ‘Jesus loves me.’     Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn get banned to keep certain racial agitators from flipping out and inciting riots. The edu-crats get real sensitive in those cases.  And don’t even think about discussing something the Islamists find insulting.  But Christians and conservatives rarely riot, make threats, blow stuff up, or intimidate.  So, it’s easy to ignore them or stomp all over what they hold dear.

Imagine if the folks who marched for Civil Rights held back out of fear of what the KKK or the police might do.  Imagine if the American rebels backed off of revolting against England, out of concern of what might happen.  Imagine if the folks who brought Brown v. Board of Education to the Supreme Court backed off — concerned about how hard or expensive the legal battle might be.

Sometimes, you have to stand up against bullies.  And that’s what we have today on the left and among the secularists in government and the Ivory Tower.  Go against their agenda, and they will use their armies of non-profit lawyers to tie you up in court for eternity.

Our legal system was meant to be one where jurists compared contemporary laws anliberald regulations with the wording in The Constitution.  But it’s turned into legislating from the bench.  They found a “right to abortion” in the Fourth Amendment — which bars unlawful search and seizure of private property.  They’ve turned the First Amendment into something that pushes organized religion into the shadows..  The First Amendment, in part, was created to prevent another situation like what occurred in England.  The Church of England took de facto power in the country.  You didn’t question what the Church did.  You joined the church.  Go against the church’s practices, and you got arrested and sometimes executed as a heretic. The First Amendment was all about allowing Americans to freely practice their beliefs without fear of retaliation from the likes of The Church of England or ACLU jackals. 

I am not suggesting that we go the unlawful route that the left often takes (like at the San Jose Donald Trump rally). At some point though, average Americans need to push back.