Moore County: NCAE, meet Stacey. Stacey, meet the NCAE.



Stacey Caldwell is an appointed member of the Moore County Board of Education.  She’s facing the voters for the first time.   She appears to have contracted a condition that afflicts many a politician and political celebrity around these parts:  Failing to Stop and Think before posting on social media. 

Here’s what Stacey had to offer up on Facebook amid an online discussion with local voters about some issues facing the county school system:


“Sometimes I wish we had a teacher union ….” ???????

Huh?  First, unions cause more problems than they fix.  Second, we already have something called the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).   They don’t like to call themselves a union, but that’s pretty much what they are. 

To put the conversation in context — everyone was talking about our superintendent’s efforts to blame Raleigh for tight budgets that are putting local Art and PE programs at risk.  (State education spending has been on the rise every year for the past four years.)  Our friend Stacey has the power — as a sitting board member — to demand the bureaucracy at the central office do some cutting of its own and shove some of that money into the classroom.

But no, it’s so much easier to blame someone who’s NOT YOU.   (Did I tell you Billy Marts is running against her?)