#ncga: Is church tithing a campaign expense?

sen-jerry-tillmanThat question definitely does arise when examining state senator Jerry Tillman’s campaign expense report.  According to reports filed with the state board of elections, the senator’s campaign has paid $10,500 during this election cycle to Archdale Friends Meeting in Randolph County.

From January through October, the campaign issued regular monthly $500 checks to the church.

This comes on the heels of reports that Tillman’s campaign has been renting a “campaign office” in Raleigh.  The townhome located on a golf course is 70 miles outside of Tillman’s district.  Tillman had NO primary or general election opponents this cycle. 

The townhome community that includes Tillman’s “campaign office” is a development whose rentals are administered by Fred Smith Properties.    Smith is a former Republican state senator.


2 thoughts on “#ncga: Is church tithing a campaign expense?

  1. Jerry do us all a favor and Resign! Save the Republicans dignity for the future please.

    Geez what a joke! We can elect better.

    1. What! I’ll have you know that Jerry is a good progressive Republican who supports President Obama’s green energy policies. He is one of those that our hard core environmental movement has bought and paid for. We do not need Jerry to resign, as he might actually be replaced by a real Republican who actually believes in their silly platform and principles.

      A lot of that campaign money comes from our green energy friends, and I can assure you that they do not care how he spends it, as long as he stays bought for President Obama’s green energy agenda.

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