Obama appointee to fed bench says ‘Put ’em all back’

barber1*Um, surprise!*

North Carolina state law that was not a problem when Obama won the state in 2008 (and nearly did in 2012) is NOW a problem less than a week before an election that is looking good for the Republicans. The Round Rev and his posse went judge-shopping and found Loretta Biggs, an Obama appointee approved to the bench in November 2014 by a voice vote in the Senate. (Where was Tricky Dick Burr?) 

We told you that The Round Rev was making the case that folks, following state law to remove dead people and other suspects from the voter rolls, were racist.  Her Honor appeared to be buying that. 

sorosWell, on Friday Judge Biggs laid down the law.  All of the names purged from voter lists HAVE to be put back on.

So, now — with our March, May and November election schedule — it’s nearly impossible to clean names off of voter rolls.  Mission accomplished for The Round Rev.  ‘Massa’ Soros is pleased.