Obama appointee to fed bench says ‘Put ’em all back’

barber1*Um, surprise!*

North Carolina state law that was not a problem when Obama won the state in 2008 (and nearly did in 2012) is NOW a problem less than a week before an election that is looking good for the Republicans. The Round Rev and his posse went judge-shopping and found Loretta Biggs, an Obama appointee approved to the bench in November 2014 by a voice vote in the Senate. (Where was Tricky Dick Burr?) 

We told you that The Round Rev was making the case that folks, following state law to remove dead people and other suspects from the voter rolls, were racist.  Her Honor appeared to be buying that. 

sorosWell, on Friday Judge Biggs laid down the law.  All of the names purged from voter lists HAVE to be put back on.

So, now — with our March, May and November election schedule — it’s nearly impossible to clean names off of voter rolls.  Mission accomplished for The Round Rev.  ‘Massa’ Soros is pleased. 


9 thoughts on “Obama appointee to fed bench says ‘Put ’em all back’

  1. This obscene ruling was handed down by an Obama judge approved for the federal bench by Senator Burr. Yes, this is the truth. All of the crazy rulings we have been getting this past year are coming from Obama judges which Burr supported!!! Keep in mind also, that Burr (and Tillis) also cast the deciding votes allowing Loretta Lynch to become Attorney General. Ironically, Burr is probably the one statewide GOP candidate who does not deserve re-election. He has a liberal voting record and approved the appointment of these awful judges. Now, in a fight to save his political hide, he comes running back to us conservatives begging for our support after ignoring us all these years. Pathetic.

    1. There is no doubt that Burr is in the political fight for his life because of his dismal voting record. He has voted with Harry Reid & Obama 60% of the time. He has refused to listen to or meet with his constituents over the past 6 years, (until now) even calling their concerns over Obamacare a Dumb Idea. Thom Tillis will be facing the same kind of reelection challenges if he continues down the same path as his mentor. Burr & Tillis are complicit in turning NC blue.

  2. This corrupt woman has abused her powers as a judge for partisan political purposes to make it easier for Democrats to steal votes. She needs to be removed from office by partisan political means. Impeach her worthless ass!

  3. There is nothing you can do now to remove her from the bench. She has the job for life—thanks to Richard Burr. He could have kept her off. He signed off on all of Obama’s radical judges.

  4. There is a process for impeachment, but unless the judge virtually commits a crime, it is practically impossible to impeach her. It would also take a 2/3 vote of the Senate to remove her–and the Democrats would probably leave her on the bench even if she did do something awful. When Burr allowed her to be confirmed, it was all over. We in NC are having to live with the results of Burr allowing all these Obama judges to be confirmed. He could have blocked them.

  5. The laid back attitude of rank and file Democrats to voter fraud is disconcerting.

    My wife works in a nearby county. Her co-workers who talk politics around the job talk Democrat politics. She keeps her mouth shut as do one or two others, but the Democrats probably assume she is with them because she does not argue their points with them. Her co-workers also all know that she does not live in that county.

    This election, she has had several of those Democrat co-workers urge her to go down and vote in the county where she works. Even when, she tells them she has already early voted in the county where she lives, they urge her to vote in the other county, too, saying ”it’s alright” as they have same day registration.

    These people are not Democrat party officials, just run of the mill Democrat voters. What is our country coming to that such people seem to think vote fraud is okay and are urging other people to do it?

    And now we even have Obama himself out telling illegal aliens that it is okay to vote; they won’t be caught and deported for it:


  6. Under Comrade Bully Barber, the abbreviation NAACP has a new meaning.

    NAACP= Nonsensical Association for the Advancement of Crooked Politics

    Why is the NCGOP National Committeewoman usurper, whose convention election was clearly rigged, a member of this ultra-leftwing association. Why is the spouse of one of the NCGOPe District chairmen also a member and even an officer? The NAACP is extreme leftwing and very partisan Democrat.

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