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The CONTINUING continuing resolution scam

Passing a budget is one of their top constitutionally-mandated jobs.  Yet, our Congress hasn’t been able to get it done in NINE YEARS.  Every so often, we’ll hear about these “continuing resolutions” that HAVE to be passed so the old ladies, babies and puppies don’t…

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Another day, another spending bill (*SIGH*)

    Once again, Congress has kicked their budgeting and fiscal management duties down the road.  The House passed another continuing resolution — keeping the government funded fully through December 9 — to avoid the much-feared government shutdown. From the North Carolina US House delegation,…

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Virginia Foxx? “Brainwashed.” Richard Burr? Still “dumb.” Ellmers? Whatever John & Eric Want

Just like Bono & U2 — I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.  An elected conservative leader from North Carolina, that is.  I’ve been getting whiplash keeping track of Renee Ellmers’ positions on ObamaCare.  First she’s for defunding it with a CR, then she’s…

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US House GOP mulling scheme to vote FOR ObamaCare defunding w/o REALLY defunding it

      Look out, folks.  It looks like “our team” may be attempting to pull the wool over our eyes: Eric Cantor is always looking for new and imaginative ways to screw conservatives. He has Pete Sessions (R-TX), as Rules Chairman, helping him with…

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Circling the wagons in CharMeck

    When it comes to the fight against ObamaCare, Robert Pittenger’s MOUTH is his own worst enemy.  Every time he speaks on the subject, in public, he ticks off the Tea Party even further and digs himself into a deeper hole. Tea Party activists…

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Bob Pittenger needs a clue (and a primary)

      I am sure 9th district congressman Bob Pittenger’s PR people are resorting to heavy drinking by now.  Their guy keeps opening his big mouth, and making their job even harder.  I can’t imagine there is ANYBODY managing a campaign for a Republican…

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Renee Ellmers on joining ObamaCare defund fight: “Absolutely Not!”

      Regular readers of this site know we tend to be highly critical of congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2).  Miss Renee tends to give us plenty of ammo every time she gets in front of a representative of the mainstream media — like HERE….

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Burr: Resistance to ObamaCare implementation is “the dumbest idea”

From 1972 to 2002, North Carolina was represented in the US Senate by one of the nation’s most preeminent conservatives. Since 2004, we’ve been stuck with Richard Burr — a guy highly impressed with John McCain and Lindsey Graham,  who snubs leaders like Rand Paul…

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GOP-controlled US House AGAIN kicks the debt can down the road

        The GOP-led US House, this week, passed ANOTHER short term funding measure for the federal government: Several freshmen Republicans in the House of Representatives who came into office kicking and screaming about reigning in the national debt and cutting spending caved…

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No profiles in courage for NCGOP in DC

  North Carolina’s Republican Members of Congress have proved — once again — that keeping Speaker John Boehner happy is more important than looking out for the folks struggling through a wretched economy back home. On Wednesday, 48 Republican members of the US House joined…