Circling the wagons in CharMeck




When it comes to the fight against ObamaCare, Robert Pittenger’s MOUTH is his own worst enemy.  Every time he speaks on the subject, in public, he ticks off the Tea Party even further and digs himself into a deeper hole.

Tea Party activists are openly seeking a primary opponent to face off against the Charlotte-area congressman in the safe GOP district.  However, the Mecklenburg County GOP is riding to Pittenger’s defense in this uproar:

TO: North Carolina Republicans
FROM: MeckGOP Communications
DATE: August 29, 2013
RE: RNC Resolution

There is confusion regarding a resolution recently passed by the Republican National Committee. NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope and our RNC National Committeemen from NC put forth a “Resolution to Defund Obamacare.” The resolution was passed by the RNC. To be accurate in discussions and in consideration of the RNC and NCGOP position, please review the actual resolution. In an effort to assist the Republicans in our County, the MeckGOP is linking the final resolution to this correspondence

Download the Resolution to Defund Obamacare

Please take particular note of the “RESOLVED” clauses calling for Obamacare to be defunded. The attached, officially passed resolution calls for defunding efforts without tying it to one specific bill or expressly insisting on a move to force a government shutdown. Early drafts of the resolution expressly included language discussing a government shutdown and specifically called for amending appropriations prior to January 2014. However, these provisions were not carried over to the final resolution and were not passed by the RNC. In sum, we want our Republicans armed with the facts and the actual resolution. Therefore, it is attached for your convenience.

From the MeckGOP perspective, we note that Obamacare is a scourge on our nation and should be eliminated. Please help us deliver Mecklenburg County for our Party in federal elections so we can replace the liberals responsible for this law. YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN ANY AMOUNT BY CLICKING “DONATE NOW” BELOW WILL HELP US WIN ELECTIONS THAT WILL DIRECTLY IMPACT THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO RID US OF OBAMACARE…INCLUDING NEXT YEAR’S U.S. SENATE RACE. Please contribute now so we can continue our partnership with the NCGOP at 500 E. Morehead St. with paid, full time staffers, a first rate call center, professional walk books, and other voter outreach\election efforts. A contribution to the MeckGOP is THE BEST WAY to fight back against the Democrat Senate and to eliminate Obamacare.

Thank you from the MeckGOP for your financial support.

That spin mirrors what’s being circulated publicly by the congressman himself.  Many of my fellow Tea Partiers were cheering Pope & co. over said resolution.  I tend to agree with the spin the MeckGOP is putting out about it.  I think the wording of the resolution left too much room for the politicians to weasel out of doing the right thing.  

Oh — one more thing.  There’s a reason why the Mecklenburg GOP is spinning so close to Pittenger’s POV.  Chairman Brad Overcash used to work for Pittenger when he served in the NC Senate.


3 thoughts on “Circling the wagons in CharMeck

  1. Pittenger needs to get his act together, and check his conscience, and vote against obamacare funds in a continuing resolution. His office has offered disingenuous arguments in defense of his foolish position …” the troops will lose their paychecks.” – bull — Newt Gignrich lost the house when he shut down the government — again more bull, as the Republicans lost the house nine years after the 1995 shutdown.

    Mecklenburg Republican Party republicans need to look themselves in the mirror, and ask themselves if they are seriously trying to justify an excuse to defend Congressman P’s proposed vote to spend public funds for abortions, death panels, for hiring an army of new IRS agents, and potential criminal prosecution for anyone who can’t afford to buy insurance, all of which hallmark obamacare. And that’s just scratching the surface. I find it appalling that any Meck County Republican could advocate spending a public dime on this and live with their consciences.

  2. I speak as a REPUBLICAN, not a Tea Party activist..It is indeed
    appalling that Rep. Pittinger has taken sides with Obama! His
    one redeeming action would be to use his brain, grow a spine
    and vote to defund this abomination!!

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