Bob Pittenger needs a clue (and a primary)





I am sure 9th district congressman Bob Pittenger’s PR people are resorting to heavy drinking by now.  Their guy keeps opening his big mouth, and making their job even harder.  I can’t imagine there is ANYBODY managing a campaign for a Republican in a red state who thinks picking a fight with the Tea Party is a good idea.  But that’s just what ol’ Bob is doing.

Pittenger originally stepped in “it” on August 5th at a town hall meeting captured on film by guerilla videographer Chuck Suter.  The congressman caught the attention of conservatives across North Carolina and the nation by belittling the idea of using the upcoming continuing resolution to defund the implementation of ObamaCare.

Pittenger responded to the uproar by calling out Suter and doubling-down on his anti-defunding stance.  He promised that he would vote for a continuing resolution without ObamaCare funding if Mr. Suter and his fellow Tea Partiers could round up 60 votes for it in the US Senate.  So, ol’ Bob refuses to vote for anything unless it is guaranteed passage? *Talk about a profile in courage.*   Was he sent to DC to push positions backed by his constituents, or to do the bidding of John Boehner and Eric Cantor?

At one of Pittenger’s ensuing town meetings, the congressman arranged for two cops to chaperone Suter, while he talked smack about Suter from the podium.

At the latest town hall meeting, Suter was back with his camera running — and clearly living rent-free in Pittenger’s head. In response to some tough questions from the audience, Pittenger made a statement that was either (1) a bald-faced lie, or (2) clear evidence of his ignorance of history:

“Newt Gingrich did exactly what some of y’all are thinking, and he lost the House of Representatives.’’


The standoff over shutting down the government occurred in 1995.  The GOP did not lose their majority in the House until 2006.  Gingrich lost his speakership due to an internal squabble with the House GOP caucus.  It is quite arguable that the GOP lost their majority in 2006 because they completely abandoned their principles from The Contract With America and went on a very drunken-sailor-like spending spree.  

Speaker Boehner says he plans to take a stand on the debt ceiling hike — tying that to cutting funding for ObamaCare.  The debt ceiling hike is needed to borrow more money to pay for our bloated government.  If there is no hike, the government spending can’t continue.  There could be a government shutdown.  If that possibility is not OK with the continuing resolution debate, WHY would it be OK with the debt ceiling talks?

Keep the heat on, folks.  We can’t let them get away with this.