Bob Pittenger needs a clue (and a primary)





I am sure 9th district congressman Bob Pittenger’s PR people are resorting to heavy drinking by now.  Their guy keeps opening his big mouth, and making their job even harder.  I can’t imagine there is ANYBODY managing a campaign for a Republican in a red state who thinks picking a fight with the Tea Party is a good idea.  But that’s just what ol’ Bob is doing.

Pittenger originally stepped in “it” on August 5th at a town hall meeting captured on film by guerilla videographer Chuck Suter.  The congressman caught the attention of conservatives across North Carolina and the nation by belittling the idea of using the upcoming continuing resolution to defund the implementation of ObamaCare.

Pittenger responded to the uproar by calling out Suter and doubling-down on his anti-defunding stance.  He promised that he would vote for a continuing resolution without ObamaCare funding if Mr. Suter and his fellow Tea Partiers could round up 60 votes for it in the US Senate.  So, ol’ Bob refuses to vote for anything unless it is guaranteed passage? *Talk about a profile in courage.*   Was he sent to DC to push positions backed by his constituents, or to do the bidding of John Boehner and Eric Cantor?

At one of Pittenger’s ensuing town meetings, the congressman arranged for two cops to chaperone Suter, while he talked smack about Suter from the podium.

At the latest town hall meeting, Suter was back with his camera running — and clearly living rent-free in Pittenger’s head. In response to some tough questions from the audience, Pittenger made a statement that was either (1) a bald-faced lie, or (2) clear evidence of his ignorance of history:

“Newt Gingrich did exactly what some of y’all are thinking, and he lost the House of Representatives.’’


The standoff over shutting down the government occurred in 1995.  The GOP did not lose their majority in the House until 2006.  Gingrich lost his speakership due to an internal squabble with the House GOP caucus.  It is quite arguable that the GOP lost their majority in 2006 because they completely abandoned their principles from The Contract With America and went on a very drunken-sailor-like spending spree.  

Speaker Boehner says he plans to take a stand on the debt ceiling hike — tying that to cutting funding for ObamaCare.  The debt ceiling hike is needed to borrow more money to pay for our bloated government.  If there is no hike, the government spending can’t continue.  There could be a government shutdown.  If that possibility is not OK with the continuing resolution debate, WHY would it be OK with the debt ceiling talks?

Keep the heat on, folks.  We can’t let them get away with this.


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  1. Just to show you how the establishment Republican party machine works and how they are aiding the Obama regime and agenda, please take a look at this letter from the Meck GOP this week. Oh, and it appears that the Chairman of the Meck Gop Brad Overcash also worked for Robert Pittenger. One can possibly connect a couple of dots to see why the MeckGOP letter is the same spin used by Pittenger:

    Here is the Meck GOP letter which to me seems to be trying to cover for Pittenger. We know he’s been holding meetings with different Republican groups to help protect him for his assistance and insistence in rolling out Obamacare. And I’ve been told that he is also offering to pay for events by Republican women’s groups.

    Republicans: you can’t have it both ways. You are either stopping Obamacare or you are supporting it. If you fund it Robert, you are supporting Obamacare. And all the other Republicans who are standing by their Rinos, you are hurting not just your party, but your nation and our children. We are doing no good as a party if we do not boldly stand up. We are losing our country every day because people will not stand up and take a stand. We either put on our “big boy pants” as Ron Long says, or we pack it up and hunker down for the socialized domination rule of America.

    Here is the video where Robert steps in it some more about why he doesn’t have the guts to stop Obamacare. I think he does have the guts because he certainly didn’t mind attacking Jim Pendergraph with hate campaign flyers and firing Israel Balderas of Fox Charlotte for reporting the truth about his pet toll road project, the Garden Parkway. You see, there is BIG money for companies implementing Obamacare. These large IT corporations have PACS and if Obamacare goes away, that makes it not so peachy for global IT corporations and for the healthcare providers, payers and insurance companies that are now forming monopolies. Just watch for the campaign contributions to roll in from these corporations for those who support Obamacare.

    Meanwhile, everyday people are being declined healthcare, benefits and their healthcare costs are rising. How disgusting that Obamacare (not God) is also determining the beginning of life and the end of life.

    Sadly, this is Pittenger’s spin for his support of Obamacare.

    And here is the Meck GOP’s similar spin to support their spinmaster.

    TO: North Carolina Republicans
    FROM: MeckGOP Communications
    DATE: August 29, 2013
    RE: RNC Resolution

    There is confusion regarding a resolution recently passed by the Republican National Committee. NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope and our RNC National Committeemen from NC put forth a “Resolution to Defund Obamacare.” The resolution was passed by the RNC. To be accurate in discussions and in consideration of the RNC and NCGOP position, please review the actual resolution. In an effort to assist the Republicans in our County, the MeckGOP is linking the final resolution to this correspondence

    Download the Resolution to Defund Obamacare

    Please take particular note of the “RESOLVED” clauses calling for Obamacare to be defunded. The attached, officially passed resolution calls for defunding efforts without tying it to one specific bill or expressly insisting on a move to force a government shutdown. Early drafts of the resolution expressly included language discussing a government shutdown and specifically called for amending appropriations prior to January 2014. However, these provisions were not carried over to the final resolution and were not passed by the RNC. In sum, we want our Republicans armed with the facts and the actual resolution. Therefore, it is attached for your convenience.

    From the MeckGOP perspective, we note that Obamacare is a scourge on our nation and should be eliminated. Please help us deliver Mecklenburg County for our Party in federal elections so we can replace the liberals responsible for this law. YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN ANY AMOUNT BY CLICKING “DONATE NOW” BELOW WILL HELP US WIN ELECTIONS THAT WILL DIRECTLY IMPACT THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO RID US OF OBAMACARE…INCLUDING NEXT YEAR’S U.S. SENATE RACE. Please contribute now so we can continue our partnership with the NCGOP at 500 E. Morehead St. with paid, full time staffers, a first rate call center, professional walk books, and other voter outreach\election efforts. A contribution to the MeckGOP is THE BEST WAY to fight back against the Democrat Senate and to eliminate Obamacare.

    Thank you from the MeckGOP for your financial support.


    I will not be aiding the enemy within by funding Rinos and their spokespeople. If you sense that I am angry, well I am. Instead of being able to focus on taking care of my children this year, I have had to fight to protect their transportation future with the take over of our NC highways by public-private partnerships aided and voted on by Tillis, Bill Brawley and Co. And now I’m fighting for their freedom with Obamacare, and am getting no help from unprincipled leaders like Pittenger and his accomplices in the 9th district.

    You are either for a free America or you’re not. If you love your country and your children, you will not be buddies with these unscrupulous politicians and helping to save them from their own self-centered interests. You have sold out to the enemy if you are doing anything to protect and cover for these leaders who would put us under public-private partnerships such as Obamacare and the toll road agenda.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, DH.

    To Vallee Bubak – thank you for the excellent summary of what is happening and what is at stake.

    Conservatives are fighting hard against Obamacare for the country and for their children’s future. We are standing on our Republican party platform. Some of these Rove Republicans are fighting conservatives harder than they ever fight the Democrats. This issue is splitting the party between those who are standing with Obama and those who stand with America.

    Are they misinformed? Or do they really believe in the side they’re taking?

    It’s hard to understand why anyone, but especially a Republican, would fight FOR Obamacare. Yet, that’s exactly what these GOP’ers are doing. They’re trying to stop conservatives from holding our members of Congress accountable to our party platform, to the RNC resolution, and to the 58% of America who wants Obamacare stopped.

    Rep. Pittenger and the Meck GOP are trying to squirm out of accountability, but, they cannot.

    The resolution passed unanimously at the RNC states:

    “WHEREAS, Republicans hold a majority in the U.S. House of
    Representatives, and the Republicans in the U.S. House of
    Representatives have the power to stop Obamacare from being forced
    upon the people of the United States by introducing and securing passage
    of appropriations bills that exclude funding for Obamacare; therefore be it

    RESOLVED, the Republican National Committee wishes to ensure that our
    Representatives are aware that it is our will that they make every effort (to)
    defund Obamacare, including its implementation or enforcement;”

    The RNC says our Republicans DO have the power to stop Obamacare “by introducing and securing passage of appropriations bills that exclude funding for Obamacare”. Rep. Pittenger sets himself against his national party, saying the House does not have that power, so he will go ahead and force it on the American people against their will.

    Rep. Pittenger also says he doesn’t have to honor the RNC resolution anyway because it was changed (slightly) from the original NCGOP version.

    He is wrong.

    The RNC resolution petitions Rep. Pittenger and all other Republican members of Congress to “make every effort (to) defund Obamacare, including its implementation or enforcement.”

    Pittenger (Boehner, Cantor, Ellmers, McHenry, Foxx, too) has tossed aside as meaningless this request from his party and states he will make NO effort to defund Obamacare or stop implementation.

    Even if he chooses to dishonor the resolution from his party, does the Congressman believe in his party platform, as those fighting Obamacare do? It states: “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – was never really about healthcare, though its impact upon the nation’s health is disastrous. From its start, it was about power, the expansion of government control over one sixth of our economy , and resulted in an attack on our Constitution…”

    If you believe this, why would you not do everything you could to stop the “disastrous” impact of the ACA being implemented?

    Rep. Pittenger is not honoring his party’s wishes, he is not honoring his party platform, he is not honoring his constituents, and he is not honoring the American people. He stands with Obama.

    Why? And why are so many Republicans standing with him?

  3. There is not much more to add to the well written above posts. Kudos to all – DH, Vallee Bubank & NCTea411 for telling it like it is.

    The RINOS in the republican party are using the same tactics against Conservatives that the Dems use against us. This is unconscienable. We expect our elcted officials to be Principled Conservatives, especially the ones who ran like that as part of their campaign platform. We have been shining the light on these elected officials and it appears they are feeling the heat. Their retaliation, name calling and troll attacks has been relentless.

    That’s ok because as Conservatives we have the facts on our side – this is hard to argue and become frustrating to the Cowards that we have representing us. There is absolutely no reason why IF they truly believed that Obamacare is as bad for us as we all know it will be they would not do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to protect the American people from it. Any elected officials who refuses to do everything in their power to Defund this monstrosity is a COWARD and UNPRINCIPLED. There, I said it. Yes, Foxx, McHenry, Pittenger, Ellmers & Burr – that is exactly what you are – UNPRINCIPLED. As is any candidate running for US office in 2014 who will not stand for the people too – such as Thom Tillis.

    There was a very successful townhall held in the Wilmington area earlier this week where 300 constitutents showed up to voice their frustration and concern about this disastrous bill. Our elected officials were invited and all declined. I have been attacked by the RINO supporters as it being my fault that Hilary Clinton will win the Presidency in 2016, among other things. Well here’s a newsflash for all those RINOS out there – take a good long look in the mirror. The reason that Romney (RINO) did not win last fall is because of all of the fed up Americans who saw a party that had no principles and stood for nothing – and they stayed home. Yes – 3 Million of them. The same will continue to happen unless the Republican party decides it’s time to listen to the will of the people they are paid to represent and stand for something. What do they stand for right now???? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter, if they have an R after their name we’re supposed to give them carte blanche – those days are done.

    The people/grassroots have spent the last 5 years educating oursleves on the legislative process, specific issues and the heart and soul of understanding the games that are played. We will no longer sit back and be told by the elite that they know better than us, that we just don’t understand how politics goes. We’re mad as HELL and these guys & women had better wake up.

    Finally – everyone should be asking themselves, why are some of these people so unwilling to save our Nation? The answer is easy, Follow The Money…

    To Foxx, McHenry, Pittenger, Ellmers & Burr – it’s not too late. You can become heros overnight, if you will stand and fight for us, genuinely listen to what we’re saying, stand with Cruz/Lee & Graves/Meadows and scream it from the highest mountain – we’ll stand with you and scream it too.

    For the sake of our Nation – please do the right thing.

  4. Is anyone running against Pittenger in the primary? A candidate that will work to defund ACA, protect our privacy, and stop illegal immigration will get my support and I would volunteer to help the campaign. Last November I held my nose and voted for Pittenger. I will not do that again. If it is a choice between Pittenger and someone like Roberts next November, I just will not vote.

  5. Remember in November Robert Pittenger got less than 52% of the vote in a conservative district and that was before he came out against defunding ObamaCare. That means he’s vulnerable to a primary if someone with enough funding comes forward. All Pittenger ever was was a corrupt State Senator who spent millions destroying anybody who got in his way.

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