Virginia Foxx? “Brainwashed.” Richard Burr? Still “dumb.” Ellmers? Whatever John & Eric Want


Just like Bono & U2 — I still haven’t found what I’m looking forAn elected conservative leader from North Carolina, that is. 

I’ve been getting whiplash keeping track of Renee Ellmers’ positions on ObamaCare.  First she’s for defunding it with a CR, then she’s against it.  NOW, she’s apparently in the mood to fight ObamaCare.  It appears that her staff is struggling to keep up with her position.  They’re a tad slow in updating her web site:


Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is really disappointing me.  The former conservative warrior got a little attention from House leaders, so she’s now saying crazy things about Senator Ted Cruz “brainwashing” people. Didn’t that kind of brain-washing talk end George Romney’s political career?

Richard Burr appears to be confirming the info I’m getting from Winston sources that he’s not running again.  He’s sticking to his guns about how defunding ObamaCare is “the dumbest idea” he’s ever heard.  Dumber than following Lindsey Graham and John McCain around all day?

Republicans got their House majority in 2010 by promising to kill off the ObamaCare beast.  The Senate GOP caucus grew by promising the same.  Well, here we are 11 days before this horrible law goes into effect, and they’re all telling us it can’t be repealed or defunded.

There is a process for repealing amendments to the US Constitution.  If you can edit THAT document, you damn well can put the kibosh on this ObamaCare catastrophe.  Anyone who sticks to this “Cain’t-do-it” spin has just as much ownership of ObamaCare as ol’ Barry does.  And they need to be punished for it.




3 thoughts on “Virginia Foxx? “Brainwashed.” Richard Burr? Still “dumb.” Ellmers? Whatever John & Eric Want

  1. Hope Burr doesn’t run again, but he’s done plenty of damage already. I think he knows the gig is up, and rightfully so.

  2. The reason the Burrs of this world continue to flip us the bird is there are no follow-on repercussions when they leave office.
    We should change that by following these folks well into the lucrative private world they built for themselves while in Congress, and continue to shed light on their true characters as they try to settle into their cushy new endeavors.
    If they were liars and cheats in office, they should live with those facts long into their post-election lives, for viewing and assessment by investors and fellow board members. Conversely, an honest politician ought to be lauded well into private life for having honored the trust placed in him by We The People.
    What a great character database they are building today, either to dread or welcome living with beyond office.

  3. Brunstetter and Berger sgould start prep’ing for Burr’s senate seat. Mark Harris should lead a statewide effort to elect more conservative legislators …in direct opposition to two-ton Barber. Tillis should return to Charlotte and manage an airport or park cars at a casino.

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