GOPers seeking US Senate nod making personnel moves

ncgopHouse speaker Thom Tillis has added Kim Canady to his campaign team.  Until recently, Canady was the NCGOP’s political director who played a leading role in intra-party controversies in Craven, Beaufort and Davidson counties.  Canady served the state party while it was under the leadership of Robin Hayes, and for a short time under new chairman Claude Pope.

Cary physician Greg Brannon has added Nick Dyer, a former campaign and Capitol Hill aide to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX),  to his campaign team.

Mark Harris, a Charlotte pastor and president of The Southern Baptist Conference, has added a well-known Forsythe County GOP activist to his team.  TCV Media, owned and operated by Nathan Tabor, designed Harris’ campaign web site.

The primary vote is in May 2014.  The winner gets to take on incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan in November.

2 thoughts on “GOPers seeking US Senate nod making personnel moves

  1. I cannot believe that Nathan Tabor is working for the ‘Rev’ Harris !!!
    I thought he was more of a Constitutionalist type (Tabor)…

  2. I was saddened to hear Nathan Tabor is mixing in the fray. Even if Mark Harris is a wonderful candidate, does Nathan not realize he’s making the road much smoother for Tillis? I pray that’s not his intentions, but regardless, this could have dire consequences for NC and the Nation. Whatever happened to principles before personalities?

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