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Mad about medical costs? Check out what’s happening in higher ed.

Frustration with the rising cost of health care gave politicians the ammo they needed to hang this ObamaCare monstrosity around our necks. While we’re all focused on that, we’re overlooking developments elsewhere that are also delivering a terrible beating to our wallets — namely the…

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(#NCSEN) UM v. UMUC: Why it DOES matter.

The spin surrounding Thom Tillis’ résumé is reaching near-supersonic speeds.  News broke this week that the state House speaker and US Senate candidate had, um, embellished the portion of his record dealing with his college education.   Tillis supporters and their mainstream media enablers have hit…

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#NCSEN: College is HARD.

We’re helpful folks around here.  When political types struggle, we like to step up and help them set things right. College names can be confusing.  My alma mater, The George Washington University, is frequently mistaken for its DC-area neighbors Georgetown University and George Mason University….

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ObamaCare and KARMA

          The irony is just too sweet.  Some of the most ardent cheerleaders for El Presidenté — college faculty — are becoming some of the first victims of ObamaCare: The federal health-care overhaul is prompting some colleges and universities to cut…