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Screaming & ‘Raising Kaine’: A ‘Friend of Brad’ makes a wrong turn in Sanford

Apparently, somebody thought it was a Donald Trump rally going down in Sanford yesterday.  I got word from several drive-by Twitter feeds that someone got tossed from yesterday’s Tim Kaine speech in Lee County for disrupting the VP nominee’s remarks. I was waiting with baited…

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Polling: FBI’s revival of Hillary probe boosts Trump in Tar Heel State

{Editor’s Note: The author is president of Americans For Limited Government.] Donald Trump enjoys a 2 percent lead in North Carolina in the first poll conducted in the state in the aftermath of the FBI’s announcement that they are re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton….

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#ncsen: 2014 vs. 2016

The drive by media is beating us over the head with polls.  One of the best ways to see how valuable — or not — that polling data happens to be is to study the recent past.  We had a Senate race in 2014 where…

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Yet another ‘Friend of Brad’ makes the news

A guy in a ‘Hillary for Prison’ T-shirt jumps in front of the press cameras at a Trump rally in Arizona and starts chanting “Jews-S-A” at the press while everyone else in the building is chanting U-S-A. Of course, the drive bys dutifully pick up…

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#ncga: Slugging it out for a House seat — LITERALLY.

In most cases, you’d love the fact your campaign has earned national and international media attention.  These two guys running for North Carolina House District 46 are probably regretting the incident that led to attention from outlets like Fox News and the UK Daily Mail: …

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“Forgive me, Lord. Every now and then you just wanna bitch-slap somebody.”

[Editor’s Note: I can’t agree more.]  Yes, my friends, those were the immortal words of one “Bishop Tonyia Rawls” of Charlotte’s Sacred Souls Community Church as captured in the latest edition of Mother Jones.    Yes, that liberal rag takes us “Inside the Knock-Down, Drag-Out…

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State elections official stars in leftist “History of Vote Suppression in North Carolina” video

Josh Lawson used to be the official spokesman for the North Carolina state board of elections.  Now, he serves as the general counsel for that agency.   The state board has a Republican majority appointed by the Republican governor.  THAT is why it is so…

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The ‘peace and love’ crowd STRIKES again

Once again, leftists are showing their true colors.  We on the right are constantly being painted as the violent hate mongers.  But this election season, thanks to alternative media, we are seeing more and more that is leftists utilizing violence to silence opponents and express…

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#ncga: Show Beverly Boswell some love this coming Election Day

One of the few good chances we conservatives have this year to switch a liberal vote in the NC House to a conservative one is in House District 6 on The Outer Banks.   Dare County Commissioner Beverly Boswell is seeking to replace Democrat-turned-Unaffiliated legislator Paul Tine,…

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N&O’s “fact-checker” caught exaggerating, doing Brad Woodhouse’s dirty work

Will Doran writes something called “PolitifactNC” for The Raleigh News & Observer.  Supposedly, his aim is to help cut through the nonsense and propaganda of the election cycle.  But here he is on Twitter today: Did Trump actually do that?  Let’s turn to The N&O’s…