#ncga: Show Beverly Boswell some love this coming Election Day

One of the few good chances we conservatives have this year to switch a liberal vote in the NC House to a conservative one is in House District 6 on The Outer Banks.  0ecd69_954ec70bd7994113b51fa392a93d0577-jpg_srz_767_476_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srz

Dare County Commissioner Beverly Boswell is seeking to replace Democrat-turned-Unaffiliated legislator Paul Tine, who decided not to seek reelection this year.  Tine had a spat with his caucus, registered unaffiliated, and began caucusing with Republicans.  Though, he continued to vote as a liberal. 

The seat is winnable for a conservative Republican.  Now-senator Bill Cook took the seat in 2010 from a long-serving Democrat.  Here’s a little taste of what we’d get from  a Rep. Boswell: 

[…] Friendly, and quick to laugh in conversation, Boswell is an outspoken and aggressive advocate for her conservative values. While a number of the candidates who ran for Tine’s seat issued announcement statements that weren’t particularly partisan in tone, Boswell’s pointedly criticized “failed left-wing Obama policies” and declared that, “I reject the notion that Republicans have to be politically correct or sound like Democrats to win elections in North Carolina.”

On the biggest political hot button issue currently consuming the state – the so-called “bathroom bill” (HB2) — Boswell characterizes herself as “a huge supporter of HB2. I don’t think men and women should shower together, especially children.” […] 

vote124My sources in her neck of the woods tell me she’d be a fighter on Jones Street in the mold of Chris Millis, Larry Pittman, Mike Speciale, and John Blust.  I hope so.  Those guys need all the help they can get.

If you live in that district — Dare, Beaufort, or Washington counties — send her some money and give her your vote.  Encourage your friends and neighbors in the district to do the same.  If you live outside of that area, but have friends or family in the district, encourage them to get behind Ms. Boswell.

This one’s important.  It’s another example of why you need to keep going down the ballot after marking Mr. Trump’s name.  

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Show Beverly Boswell some love this coming Election Day

  1. This race is a very clear cut choice. Boswell is a solid conservative with a voting record on her county commission to prove it. Her opponent, Warren Judge is a tax-and-spend liberal who is also bad on the second amendment and a big time supporter of special priveleges for homosexuals and other deviants. Judge is also a heavy hitter Obama contributor. Judge would be the Bernie Sanders of the General Assembly.

  2. Beverly will make an exceptionally Representative. I am the only opposition Tine had (2012 and 2014 races). He spent lots of money and barely won against my conservative team. Beverly is a much better candidate than I was. She is very smart and an effective fighter. Teamed with Speciale North Carolina will be well served. Go get’em Bev.

      1. Wow. My birthday is Thursday; I feel I just got a big, beautiful early birthday gift. I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words. Mattie

      1. Wow. My birthday is Thursday; I feel I just got another big, beautiful early birthday gift. I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words. Mattie

  3. The biggest difference between Boswell and her opponent is that she is a conservative and her opponent is a liberal. So liberal that he donated $$ to Obama. N C’s House district 6 deserves better than a Obama Hillary deciple as a Representative. Her opponent is so liberal that he respects a turtle egg more so than a human embryo. Nuff said.

    Browny Douglas

  4. From what I hear, Rep. Chris Millis’ new conservative PAC is showing Beverly a lot of love these days. Go Beverly!

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