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Pinehurst 2011: Andy’s 8-year contract and a NEW police chief

Mayoral candidate John Marcum has made an issue of Pinehurst government having three managers.  He and his campaign have noted that manager Andy Wilkison has an EIGHT-YEAR contract paying him — in salary and benefits —  “more than the governor of North Carolina.” A village…

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WHO ARE YOU? I’m Bob Etheridge, and I’m BACK !!!

    The guy most closely associated with the question “Who Are You?”  — besides Roger Daltrey — appears to be putting out feelers on the question of a congressional comeback: Former Rep. Bob Etheridge is in Washington today as part of a recruiting class…

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Campaign 2012: GAME OVER for Congressman Miller

  Yes, Congressman Brad Miller (D, NC-13), that is the sound of a very large woman singing. Miller, of Raleigh, has been trying hard to establish himself as the most liberal white man representing our state in Washington.  Brad Miller was a state senator chairing…

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The new Texas Hold-’em: “I’ll see your 9-9-9, and raise you 20”

      GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, seeing the popularity of Herman Cain’s flat tax proposal, has introduced a similar idea in a Wall Street Journal op-ed: The folks in Washington might not like to hear it, but the plain truth is the U.S….

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Creative jurisprudence 101

        The abortion lobby, worried about the effect of a new NC state law on their government cash cow,  shopped around and found a federal judge to say what they wanted her to say: A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the most…

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Why stop at Wall Street? Think bigger!


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Southern Pines 2011: The Pilot makes a good call

  Kudos to Moore County’s thrice-weekly Pulitzer Prize winning local newspaper for its endorsements Sunday in this November’s Southern Pines municipal elections.  The Pilot endorsed the reelection of longtime veteran councilman Fred Walden and the campaign of Jim Simeon to replace retiring councilman Mike Fields:…

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Herman Cain lays out solid defense of 9-9-9

      GOP presidential frontrunner Herman Cain, under attack from BarryO, Hillary, his primary opponents, and the alleged Mainstream Media has released a simple primer detailing key points of his 9-9-9 tax proposal: Explaining the “9-9-9 Plan” The Essentials 9% Business Flat Tax Gross…

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Pinehurst 2011: Howard and …… JOAN??????????

Yes, like many Moore Countians, I had to do a double take at that picture in the Sunday edition of The Pilot (of course, after wiping up the mouthful of coffee I spit out in shock).  There was an ad in the paper claiming that…

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The eloquence of the ‘Occupy’ Movement

    After watching the interview with this woman, this whole ‘Occupy’ thing is making soooooooo much more sense.  (I personally think she needs to go occupy a seat in a classroom.) Click this link to watch for yourself:  Haftin__To_Be_Uproared_-_Occupy_Atlanta